How to organize content for SEO?

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How much is too much or too little content on the main index page for

I have many relevant content (articles I wrote) for my site.  If I put
it all on the main index page, it will look too clutter and my site
very ugly.

What is the best way to organize my content so it's SEO for the search

Can I put my articles under another page called "articles" like, and have it linked from the main page?
or should I cram in all in on the main index page?

If I put my articles on a separate page, would that still be effective
for optimizing my site?

I was told Google likes lot of content, but does it have to be on same


Re: How to organize content for SEO?

Jeannie wrote:

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How do you define clutter?
Many blogs homepages put pretty much all their week's content there.
This also gives Google the chance to pick it up before it moves to the
permanent archive, which isn't too bad either.

If you go for less content on the front page, why not start with a
paragraph of the article, followed by the permalink? Should do the

As for too much content, Google only dislikes > 100K.

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Re: How to organize content for SEO?

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No. Break it down into categories and sub-categories. Use one page per
category or sub-category. Make sure each page has title tags, meta
description tags and meta keyword tags unique to its subject. Don't be
surprised if the engines index your category and sub-category pages
more readily and higher than the main page. It won't hurt.


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Re: How to organize content for SEO?

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Google loves lots of unique content, more you have better for you.

It makes sense for many reasons including SEO to keep your pages
relatively small. On my information sites I try to keep pages below
10KB (most around 5KB) not including images (my pages tend to be low
on mark up code, so this is 90% content).

I would advise doing what you think is best for your visitors as well,
since what is the point of attracting searches if they are going to
hate your site!

I wouldn't want to find a single page site that takes ages to load
with all the articles on the one page.

Lets just say you put 10 large articles on the one page and I was
searching for a small piece of information buried deep in the page. I
access your site from Google, wait for it to load and start skim
reading from top to bottom. A couple of page scrolls later and I don't
see what I'm looking for so close the window and go to the next Google

If you broke the content up into smaller bits, I find the page the
information is on that loads quickly. I scroll one page and there is
the information I was looking for. I'm happy and read the article, I'm
so happy to find your page I add you to my Christmas list and the
following Christmas you receive a new wide screen TV :-))

I just added over 11,000 new pages with mostly unique content to one
of my sites. When fully indexed that 11,000 more opportunities for
searches to find my sites.

Now I'm working on a 150,000+ page site with mostly unique content.


Re: How to organize content for SEO?

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Like Jeannie, I was confused about this in the end decided to take the
route of 'splitting' up meaningful and relevant content to different
pages with different headings, titles, keywords etc...  I really found
this helped and like David said, opens up more opportunity once

Where I struggle now though, is where to go from here.... I mean my
site is optimised, decent amount of back links, good reading and
relevant etc.... but still achieves a relatively low traffic level via
'page 3 onwards' SERPS results for most keywords/phrases - I guess the
answer is more, and more, and more pages of the same (but unique if
that makes sense)...... BUT how on earth do you JUST add an extra


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