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Dear Friends

  One of my sites is showing on 1st & 2nd pages of Google for several
high competition keywords but it is no where on Yahoo & MSN for those
same keywords.
Could you please tell me how to optimize for Yahoo & MSN. What changes
do i need to make in it to bring it on top in Yahoo & MSN?

I have heard it is easy to gain good ranks on Yahoo & MSN as compared
to Google ............ is it true?


Re: how to optimize for Yahoo & MSN


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And? AND??? You want to change this happy state of affairs? Celebrate!
If you have good traffic from Google then you don't want to mess about
worrying with Yahoo and MSN.



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Re: how to optimize for Yahoo & MSN

Read about the new google webmasters tool here:- /

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Re: how to optimize for Yahoo & MSN

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I see almost nothing of value in Google's Webmaster Central.

Re: how to optimize for Yahoo & MSN

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If you use a content management system and many of your pages are similar,
try using <meta name="robots"> or robots.txt to remove all such similar
pages from access by the msn search robot.  Doing this raises the average
unique information value of your remaining pages.    With Google, you can
use robots.txt wildcard * to prevent similar pages being spidered but I am
not aware of this facility for msnbot.  Google seems to like it much better
if you remove all low information value pages (such as thousands of view
username profile, post, print, modify, sendtopic, search, register, login
etc) from the spider.  If such pages are included, as with msn, the overall
perspective of the site may be seriously distorted.  Consider removing all
dynamic pages from the msn (and Google) spider if they are of low
information value.  Instead put the database as a text file so the search
engine has something of concentrated unique information value to work with.

Try to get all pages within 3 clicks of the home page. msn call this
structure a 'fairly flat' website. Perhaps the msn search engine prefers
this style to a site comprising a spidery net or multitude of stars with an
insignificant home page but with a number of key node pages each with many
incoming links both internally and externally.

Remove every outgoing link from your site that leads to a web site with a
spam link farm.

If a fan site has put many links to your site, remove any links to that
site, or make them rel="nofollow".   Conversely, if it helps your visitors
to have many links from your site to another site, make all except 1 link
rel="nofollow" so you don't appear to be spamming the other site.  If your
CMS system inserts the same outgoing links from every page make them all

Remove any doorway pages that say things like "You have arrived from website via a misspelled link, please click to go to the correct page" and replace with 301 redirects.

If you have any pages with one link to them from your site, and one link
back to your site and many incoming links to the page from other sites, then
increase the number of links to and from the page within your site so it
does not look like a spam doorway page.  If your site structure is something
like a net, with every page linked to just a few adjacent pages it is
conceivable that msn thinks the entire site is made up of doorway pages,
particularly the peripheral pages like the 1 link in and 1 link out page
referred to above.   I am still mystified just what is a doorway page - they
are said to be very bad for search engines.   Anyway whatever you think is a
doorway page try not to do it.  Google does not seem to have a problem with
almost isolated pages of high information and popularity value, but maybe
msn's algorithm is more sensitive to the link structure rather than how well
the page solves search request.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: how to optimize for Yahoo & MSN

You can read these 2 articles by Dave Davies posted on my web site to
help you out.

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Re: how to optimize for Yahoo & MSN

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