how to invite crawler?

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Tell me please, how to invite google crawler into my website. Using "Addurl
comand take ages to be indexed.

Is there any better method?

2.Why a page with 5 inbound links has a PR 6?  (i checked with "link:"


Re: how to invite crawler?

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I'm pretty new to this but the best way to get indexed regularly is to be
linked to a page or pages that are already indexed.  In answer to your
second question, could it be that perhaps those 5 inbound links are PR5 and
PR6 and have very few if any outbound links themselves, thus giving the page
a higher PR?

I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will answer, but that would be my guess.

Re: how to invite crawler?

Dan Pickard wrote in

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On the evidence of the above, Dan, you *are* the more knowledgeable someone

The only caveat that I'd add is that Google doesn't show all backlinks so,
whilst the link: method may show 5 BLs there may be many more that are being
taken into account to evaluate the PR. Currently, it looks as though the
cut-off point for Google's BL listing is PR4 (with a few anomalies) - other
sites with a PR of <4 that link are used in the calculation but not shown.

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: how to invite crawler?

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You see, I do learn ;-)

Re: how to invite crawler?

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 I may be able to add a little bit here..  
I've seen pages with measurable PR >= 3
drop to PR 0 after google does a PR update. Not because the site or
page had any real problem just that the page hadn't been updated
in a while and when an update happened causing google to take a new
snapshot and re-rank it fell to PR 0.  I assume the drop was due to
a change in incoming links for the page. I know the page or site
wasn't banned because other pages in the site had some PR just this
page with out going links dropped to 0

That's my little bit.


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