How to follow up Adwords efficiency?

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Which is the easiest way to check whether my Google Adwords campaigns
are efficient (worth the investment) or not?

I'm looking for an easy way to do it. I coded a PHP script which put the
IP adress in a mysql database, but isn't there an easier solution? If I
use that script, then I have to rely on the database being up. In addition
I don't have a graphical front-end for the database. And it requires some
additional coding to retrieve the ip adress for the purchases made and
check how many these ip adresses that are stored in the database of
clicks (= are results of the campaign). It's very basic. Just a "hack".

Isn't Google providing anything? I remember that I have seen something
on the Adwords pages, which can be used to track the clicks. Has anyone
tried it? How does it work?

I'm just considering different alternatives. Please give me your thoughts.


Re: How to follow up Adwords efficiency?

Google Analytics offers reporting broken down by Search engine, organic
vs CPC etc.

May well be worth looking at this as this would solve a lot of the
problems you have mentioned.

Mike wrote:
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Re: How to follow up Adwords efficiency?

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If you're trying to compare money made from visitors brought in by
Adwords to money spent bringing them in, log into your Adwords account
and click on "Conversion Tracking". There will be further instructions
there. You will have to add some code to one or more key pages
(post-order "thank-you" page, etc.) to have the conversions register.
You can have conversions recorded under any of five categories:
purchases/sales, leads, signups, key page views, and "other".

After you get it set up you'll see "Conv. Rate" and "Cost/Conv."
columns in your campaign & ad group views. You can get further
information via the Reports tab. Make some reports that summarize the
conversion rates, values, & value/cost by ad and by keyword. That will
let you weed out the underperformers.

Note that I believe the system does rely on the visitor accepting
cookies set by Google. If you can somehow figure out what percentage
of your customers are blocking cookies you should be able to
extrapolate slightly higher conversions. Ex: if a quarter of them are
blocking cookies, the actual Adwords conversions are likely 1/3 higher
than reported. If 10% are blocking, adjust conversions 1/9 higher. (To
avoid a lot of math, if you're figuring a target value/cost percentage
just multiply the target by the percentage of customer not blocking

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