How to break good PR

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Hey guys,

i used to own a domain since 2001 - nothing special, just site that served  
my friend's company. This summer due to restructurization of domain name  
registrator company we couldn't renew registration in time. So we decided  
to wait until domain name will get expired - and we'd register it using  
another company . We where sure that nobody will get this domain except us.
But a sucker has stolen this from us!
Homepage has PR5! I dont wanna sucker own page (my page) with PR5!
Anybody has an idea of how to make his life not so sweet? How to down PR  
to 0, how to remove records regarding to site from google's index?

I will be deadly grateful for any suggestion or idea.

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Re: How to break good PR

Berimor schreef:
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I will be gratefull if you would move on.

We don't know who you are, if the domain belonged to you, why you lost
it etc.

Fact is you want to do some harm to some one. Not nice.

So be nice and say bye bye now will you!

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Re: How to break good PR

Op Mon, 10 Sep 2007 23:11:51 +0200 schreef Tonnie Lubbers:

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Godskolere wat ben jij fokking irritant zeg. Er zo nadrukkelijk bij willen
horen met je steenkolenengels. Slijmjurk.

Re: How to break good PR

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Nobody's stolen anything. A domain name is only yours for as long as you
register it. After that, it's anyone's to register.  You decided not to
renew the domain name, so you lost it.

And, if you were really determined to wait til it expired, you could have
placed a backorder or bid for the domain name to try to grab it when it

It's always a good idea to register for a number of years, so things like
this don't happen.

Anyway, no, there's nothing you can do to get the site removed from Google.

PR depends soley on the number & quality of links pointing to the site; you
cannot sabotage it either, unless you control links that point to the
website. And, PR is just one small factor (of over 100) that goes into
determining the SERPs, so even if the PR was 0 rather than 5, it would
affect the site very little.

All the new owner has done is register an expired domain name, what has he
done to deserve your wrath?

What you can do is negotiate with the new owner of the domain name to
purchase it back from him. It probably won't be cheap, but if it's important
it'll be worth the money, right?

How not to lose your domain name:

cheers ~

Re: How to break good PR

I understand guys  - but you see - we didnt expect for such situation - i  
was late mabe for 20 minutes. I dont like when somebody makes such things  
- he will put the adsence banner there and will get maybe 200-300 uniques  
per day - and all this because of my good PR.
Is it good?

In deepness of my consciousness i relise - that following to rules  
everything is correct. But my ego is striking. I didnt plan to make any  
presents to anybody - moreover Cristmas isnt close enough for that.

Ok - i see you dont want to suggest something.

As usually - by brain is my bread ....
Hope i'll find something.



Re: How to break good PR


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Offer to purchase it off the new owner.
Or, move on and learn from it.

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Re: How to break good PR

Op Tue, 11 Sep 2007 00:01:54 +0300 schreef Berimor:

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If somebody registered the domain after you let it expire, that's not
theft. It is theft when the domain name represents a brand that you own. In
that case you can sue the domain owner for abuse of your brand name.

Re: How to break good PR

Berimor wrote:
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This is not the the buyers fault. There is a legitimate market in
expired domains.

You best bet is to contact the buyer. Explain your mistake and offer him
/ her the price that they bought the domain for plus a bit for their

Good luck Berimor. It's annoying but it is your fault not the new owners
I am afraid.


Re: How to break good PR


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You could spend lots of time writing to everyone who linked to your
old domain informing them of your new domain and spend the time
putting effort in to making the new domain as good as the old one in
terms of PR.

I had a feeling google can kill PR of sites when ownership changes.

I feel for your loss though as I lost a domain this year but that was
mostly due to me not being incredibly thorough with issues relating to
a hosting company being bought out.

If the new site put up is spammy and not nice and ends up in google
then you can always consider reporting it for spam.

Ah fetch it yourself if you can't wait for delivery
Or get it delivered for free

Re: How to break good PR

On Tue, 11 Sep 2007 12:29:01 +0100, Mogga

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Yup. s'what I hear too.

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