How much to charge for Web Site advertising?

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I'm thinking about developing a web site about a vacation resort near
where I live, and will be offering advertising to businesses who
reside there.  For example, at this particular resort there are
hotels, restaurants, etc. that might be interested in advertising on
this Web Site.

I was thinking that for every business who wants to advertise, I would
create a separate Web page, and put links to this Web Page from my
main Web Page regarding the history of the resort, etc.

Each of these Web Pages will advertise only one business, and will
have photos and descriptions and rates about this business.

My question is, how much should I charge for this service?  What do
other Web Sites charge for this service?  Does anyone have any
advertising rates regarding something like this?  Should you charge
$10 per year, or $50 per year, or $200 per year, or "what"?

I want to make my rates competitive, but at the same time, don't want
to be doing a lot of work and getting nothing in return.

Thanks so much...

Re: How much to charge for Web Site advertising?

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I'd start really, really low.

No-one - not even you - knows if they will get their money's worth, and,
particularly if it's local, you don't want to upset people, as News Travels
Fast, and bad news fastest of all.

It sounds like you are planning some kind of directory, with links to more

Build a template, and then you'll be able to make them quick and easy;
charge an 'introductory rate' of 10/year, which should cover your costs,
and, of course, the basic listing is free.

If you do that, and they feel some benfit, they'll renew, possibly at a
higher rate. No benefit, no renewals.

But if you charge a 'significant amount', then they may not renew, they'll
resist a price rise, and if there's no benefit, they'll demand a refund.

How will you / they know if it's working?


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Re: How much to charge for Web Site advertising?

On Jul 1, 10:09=A0pm, wrote:

Having been in the Canadian wilderness tourism industry as a web site
promoter for over a decade, I suggest you take a real good look around
your industry for the thousands of other "grouped" resorts directory
type web sites that are on the Internet already. Try doing searches
for your keyphrase markets and see what the real top competitors in
your industry are doing. Then improve on what you find is working for
them to offer the Internet visitor and the search engine something so
incredibly unique and important that it outclasses them all in time
and in all ways.

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