How many web pages..?

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Google claims to get its results among 4G pages (even if a search for the word 'the'
returns 5.800.000.000 results...), but anyway, how many pages estimated on the

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Re: How many web pages..?

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004 09:34:15 GMT, "BQ"

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I don't think anyone really knows.

I heard, back in 2001, that it is estimated that out of every 3
internet users at least 2 will have a site [personal or other] ... and
some people have more than that one or their family members, who share
an ISP account with the person, will have a site. This is not
including sites said to be webmastered by Fluffy, Fido, or Polly the
pet parakeet who 'has their own site'.

GeoCities, in 1998, bragged about having 5 million free level site
users [and they also offered paid hosting plans back then] - I imagine
that number is much higher now that Yahoo took it over and anyone who
signs out a Yahoo ID has a GeoCities site 'reserved' for their use if
they want to use it.

So find out how many people have internet access, personally through
an ISP - through school - or just using the local library or kinkos
access ... deduct 1/3 then add 2 for each person left to compensate
for any multiple sites they may have or a family member who signed out
their own site too.

That still may be a low number of just sites there may be as we
haven't factored in things like forums/Yahoo-type Groups. Someone
roughly estimated, with taking into consideration there may be aruond
750,000 unlisted or adult [therefore not listed] Yahoo Groups that
there could been around 3 million Yahoo Groups existing in 2003 - some
more active in sharing posts than others.

Much harder to deduce the number of pages there are online ... as some
sites only have 1 or 2 pages, some have around 10 to 15, others may
have around 50 or so ... while some sites have a couple of hundred and
yet others have 1,000s. Then some sites are set up for "members only"
so have pages but not for the search engines to index.

In my family alone - there is around 13 sites between all of us -
personal, informational, and blog-type. Offhand, between all 13 sites,
a rough estimate would be around 500 pages - due to one of my
daughter's sites and 3 of my own each have a nice number of pages to
them - but then my hubby's site, for example, only has 10 pages. I
also help maintain two sites for folks who don't know HTML ... and I
know someone who has 5 sites, just for fun, that each had over 500
pages back in 2002 - I imagine she has added more content over the
past couple of years - and that's not including sites that she
contributes content/pages to.

*looks at coffee cup and then back at this response* Given length and
all, I think I need to push my cup aside and call it a night. :)


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