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Re: Number of Links in Site Maps

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Is MSN considered a good search engine? (No sarcasm, honest question).


Re: Number of Links in Site Maps

On Wed, 3 Aug 2005 09:27:29 -0600, "Mikkel Møldrup-Lakjer"

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It all depends if you rank high in the SERPS.
If you rank high, then you love the search engine that you appear in.
Human nature.

As it is, I do rank high in MSN, so to me, yes MSN is good. <G>


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Re: Quality of MSN Search

Paul Burke wrote:

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That's quite true. Everyone favours the search engine that 'coopererates'.
My experience has taught that MSN will have much greater impact for content
that is not technical. In other words, if your site ranks very well for
keywords like 'matlab' or 'java' in MSN, do not expect many referrals.

In terms of quality of results, I haven't checked too carefully. I keep
track of 5 separate SERP's and in just about all of these SERP's (probably
all) Google gets it right whereas MSN does not. What does "right" mean? In
my particular case, I know the significance of the narrow set of pages
which correspond with to search terms. I know what ranks are most valuable
to the person searching . I am familiar with all the pages that are
returned, which probably makes it a good case study.


Re: Number of Links in Site Maps

On Wed, 3 Aug 2005 09:27:29 -0600, "Mikkel Mldrup-Lakjer"

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It's got me some useful traffic. It seems to be taking a lot of notice
of on-page content.


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Re: How many links per page?

On Tue, 2 Aug 2005 21:12:57 +0100, "Dan Pickard"

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Do you plan to create a site map with links to all 2,000,000 pages?

If so and you go with just 100 links per page that's 20,000 pages of
site map, that's way too many IMO. I thought I over did it with a 50
odd page site map for a 2,500 page site.

The reality is you don't need a site map if all your pages are
spiderable, your site is the site map. Just make sure every page of
the site can be found from at least one other page of the site and as
long as your site has enough PR a lot will be indexed long term. Try
to avoid having pages too deep in the navigation structure, with
2,000,000 it's going to be difficult not too, so go with something
like the deepest pages can be got to with no more than 5 clicks from
the home page.

If every page has 100 links, 50 for the main menu and 50 links to
pages that help the indexing process-

1 click from home - Home page links to 50 (50 pages spiderable)
2 click from home - Each of those 50 (2500 pages spiderable)
3 click from home - Each of those 50 (125,000 pages spiderable)
4 click from home - Each of those 50 (6,250,000 pages spiderable)

You can see this will easily keep you under 5 clicks with 2,000,000

You will need quite a bit of PR to get that many pages indexed, I'd be
surprised if a PR5 or less home page was enough for that many pages,
so you should be looking at PR6 for your home page.

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There is no optimum, it's what makes sense for that site. Speaking
generally and not site maps if the pages of a site are highly related
more links is better than less since the anchor text will help most of
the pages. On the other hand a diverse content site the anchor text
will dilute the density of important text and so less links is

Try to keep your pages below 100KB since we know below that all the
page is indexed. Google does index some pages above 100KB, but not

If I was doing a site map for a site of that size though I wouldn't
link to every page of the site, make a site map of the top pages and
only use those. If you went with 250 links per page and 50,000
important pages that's still 200 site map pages.

In some respects adding a site map is a waste of resources (links/PR)
that could be better used to feed benefit to important pages. Adding
200 pages to a 2,000,000 page site isn't a big deal, but 20,000 would
be, you'll dilute your PR way to much for no real gain.

BTW I don't like site maps :-))
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Re: How many links per page?

On Tue, 02 Aug 2005 22:12:57 +0200, Dan Pickard  

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For Google think about sitemaps

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