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Re: How many links do I need?


If I make millions maybe I will consider a little commission!  haha!
But you and I might be old and gray by then at the rate that I am
going now.


Yes, the moisture is produced from the corn.  The corn microwave
heating pads smell like pop corn.  It smells just like the pop corn
that you buy for your microwave.  I have had my Snuggley for years and
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the seem has split (some of these are 5-6 years old or maybe older)
and you can tell that the corn is not as pretty as the new corn, but
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People that get them are really surprised at how much they like them.
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I hope that answers any questions that you may have about my wonderful
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I am sorry that it took me a while to write back...just got back from
another ball game!  We won!!!

Take care,


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Re: How many links do I need? (chickeebabee) wrote in message
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the above question has always been something I tried to understand. I
read the rest of the threads, but not sure if it answered the
question. If I may, I'll state it from my perspective.

Certain keywords are more competitive then others. Consequently, when
you query google on a keyword that returns 120,000 pages versus a
keyword that returns 6,266,000 pages, it is easy to see which is more

The question I have is how does one figure out how many backlinks one
needs for the competitive keyword in the backlink  to get ranked in
google well (top 30).

For a noncompetive keyword, 50 backlinks should do it. For a
competitive keyword, i'm not sure. It would be nice to know so one
could find the happy medium between competitive and noncompetitive
keyword. If I knew it took 700 links with a keyword in the  anchor
text to get in the top 30 I may say, forget it versus another keyword
that takes 100 backlinks.

Even better, a tool that tells you how many backlinks (with the
keyword as anchor text) the top sites on google have to be ranked as
they are with that keyword query.

Is there such a tool or formula. Wordtracker tells me how popular a
keyword is, but doesn't tell me how many backlinks may be needed to
get ranked for that keyword.


Re: How many links do I need?

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Easy, check out your competition and see how many they have ...then do them
one better :-)
Not entirely accurate but I thought it appropriate.
IBL's are just one component of a successful SEO campaign.  I have sites
that rank well for a competitive SERP with less than 20 IBL's.

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50 IBL's PR4+ should get you where you want to be for almost all SERPS
except the really tough ones.
Fo rmost SERPS,20-30 "compatible" IBL's, good PR, good on-page content and
good SEO techniques will get you into the top five on Google.

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We have a tool that will be released on this
weekend that will do just that.

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There are no tools that will tell you how many backlinks are required
because it varies.  Think overall popularity of a web site, not just
backlinks when thinking SEO.

1.) IBL's, with anchor text in them, from compatible web pages
2.) On page elements optimized properly.
3.) Word of mouth and goodwill
4.) Properly linked internally to make proper use of PR and traffic flow
5.) Prayer

James Taylor

Re: How many links do I need?


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There is a product that may be what the OP is looking for - I have never
used this product so I can't tell you anything about it, but know it exists: /

there was a brief discussion about it at WMW:

Is that the kind of thing you have planned for your website, James?


Re: How many links do I need?

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Yes AM, sort of.

Our tool will tell you, based upon each IBL, what the keyword in the anchor
text is...if there is one.
We should probably gather the keyword density of that page while we are at
it...perhaps for a future "upgrade".

Our goal is to offer the complete suite of tools for those serious about
SEO.  We tweak them as necesarry right now to accomadate what we see as
changes in SEO.  Our advanced web rank tool has been very successful..and we
are developing a stats program that tracks hits and other keys on that same

James - SEO, Web Development and Hosting -FREE SEO TOOLS

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