How long to get a PR after indexing?

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I have developed a new website (together with other people) about
scientific popularization. The site was indexed on Jan 18, 2005 (3 or
4 days after we made a couple of links from our existing sites).
After Jan 18, the site was cached again on Jan 24.
How long must we wait to get a PageRank from Google?
I knew that a "Google Dance" used to exist every month or so, but
someone says that at this time there are nomore "Google Dance" (?? So,
how are PageRanks updated??).

We were trying to exchange some links but most people don't want to do
that with a site with PR=0 ! Of course PR is 0 at this time, but we
plan to reach 5 or 6 soon.
We submitted the site to several directories (including and
Yahoo, for free since it is not a commercial site). At this time, we
were indexed by a few minor directories. If you can suggest something,
please do. We planned to submit our site to (for a fee)
but it seems that their PR has disappeared!

I have several other questions...
I am going to sum up some of the related subjects, then I will post
other messages about them.

- A couple of years ago I used to know something about SEO (for
example I understood that the real "secret" is about links, both for
anchor texts and for link popularity). However, someone says that at
this time Google is not as powerful as 2-3 years ago and probably will
be overpassed by Yahoo and... I can't remember who else (by the way, I
understand that Yahoo has developed its own search engine). So, the
"link" secret is not more so valuable (however, I think it is).

- What I don't understand is this: SEO experts say that PR can be
enhanced by reciprocal links. But all the PR I gain with my inbound
links, is to be lost by my outbond links! So the balance should be
zero, to my understanding. I understand that PR is bursted if I get
several inbound links and I make no (or few) outbound links...

- Someone says that RSS can burst PR. I made a PHP page (on an old
site of mine) that gets a RSS source and tranforms it in a HTML page,
so it seems that my page is often updated. However, 3 weeks have
passed and I did not see any enhancement in PR.

Thanks for any suggestion.


Re: How long to get a PR after indexing?

Giancarlo wrote:
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Google only updates the PR indicator every now and then - the last few
times (since they had their IPO) have been regular three month
intervals. The last update was in the first few days of January, so the
next update is probably going to be in the first few days of April.

However, in the meantime any links you do get will be having a positive
effect on the ranking of your website.

The only problem you might have with Google is they seem to 'sandbox'
new websites for a few months, so they seem to get lower PR than they
should get considering the number of links they have. This doesn't mean
you won't get PR in the indicator after the next update, but it might be
a little lower than it should be, or your site might be further down the
results than you'd expect.

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Google still likes links and the text of the link. Yahoo really likes
page titles and header tags - basically good, semantic HTML. However,
they both pretty much like the same stuff, just in different proportions
so if you have good HTML, Google likes that as well, just not as much as
it likes lots of links.

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It all depends which SEO expert you talk to :-)

Personally, I try to avoid reciprocal links unless the site I'm linking
to is on a similar theme to the site I'm working on. So on your site I
would find scientific sites to link to, but wouldn't link to any hotels
- i.e. don't swap links to just anyone. There is some information
knocking around that says Google likes sites that link to big
'authority' sites, but I can't dig it out right now.

Certainly you don't lose all your PR when you link out.

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I've been fiddling with this on a site I haven't been developing much.
Having an RSS feed can make Google's spiders return slightly more often,
for a while, but unless you're showing new content in the feed it
doesn't make any difference. The RSS feed is just a shortcut to showing
Google your new content - at least as far as I can see.

If your page is changing all the time because it has changing content on
there, Google does like that. It doesn't matter if it's from RSS or you
changing it manually - it just likes pages that are updated often.
However, if the rest of your site is static, you probably won't see any
boost in the ranks for any of those pages.

BTW: as I'm sure lots of other people will say: PR is only marginally
relevant now. I see search results which have PR 2 pages out-rank PR5
and 6 pages on the first page of results.


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