How long does it take to reindex web content?

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Hi all !!

I have uploaded an update to a site on last Saturday. That update
consisted of a full redesign of the whole site, keeping the home page

Using a statistical program, I saw that Google bot was in the site
yesterday, but today, when I make a search, previous links are found,
not the current one. For example, searching for "Moraga puyehue" the
first result is the link: which
corresponds to the content previous URL. The new one is at which I can reach when I browse
using Spider simulation at SEO chat.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated.


Re: How long does it take to reindex web content?


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Several days to few weeks at least before changes will be spidered and  =

propagated throughout all datacenters. And even if the page is spidered =

doesn't mean changes will be instantly saved by G.

I have changed slightly one of my pages on August 28th. It was spidered =
on  =

August 30th, but till at least last Thursday old cached content was  =

displayed. Page was spidered again September 8th. Yesterday new content =

(cached Sept 8th) appeared on Google.

Datacenters were more or less synchronized all the time. I have checked =

SERPs and cache date several times in the meantime on several DCs, as I =

was interested how high I will get. 5th, not bad, could be better. Two o=
f  =

the four positions above are occupied by Wikipedia article with the same=


-- =

Re: How long does it take to reindex web content?


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Crawling is not the same as indexing. Just because your site is
crawled doesn't mean it will automatically be indexed. It will
probably be indexed when it has a goodly number of inbound links
coming to it from quality sources. If you've changed all your file
names and your directory structure then Google may well treat this as
a new site and you'll lose your rankings.
Is that what you did? We'll need to have a bit of a think if you did.


Re: How long does it take to reindex web content?

jstuardo wrote:

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If you changed the URLs (usually not a good idea) then you might still have
time to add 301 redirects.

Make sure each old URL redirects to it's new URL with a 301 redirect.

It isn't good to change URLs or filenames, but that might help.

Are the numbers the same or are they different id numbers for the old/new

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