How long do Google's search results links last?

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If I do a search for one of the sites I've designed  using keywords I
optimised for, and my site is number 1, I can presumably copy and
paste the link. Then anyone clicking on the link will see the same
results I saw.

My question is this, if the site drops down to number 3 in the future,
will that link reflect this or will it show the results as they were
when it was saved?

If the link just recreates the search (which I suspect) then what's
the best way to prove you achieved certain results. Is a screen shot
the only way?

What I want to do is to show potential clients that all the sites I've
done are number 1-5 on Google for my keywords, but if this changes, I
don't want to show a link that makes a lie out of my claim.

Of course, I appreciate that if my positions change, I don't want to
give false information about current results but I would like to be
able to say, "These are the results I achieved" with a date and caveat
that they were accurate at the time.


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Re: How long do Google's search results links last?

Be brave! try taking the chance that any particular time you may not be at
the top!

As you suspect if you save the URL from the search, then this will simply
repeat the search on Google at the time that the link is clicked on, if the
result change then your client will see the new results.

This is all really a little academic anyway as the search results will
depend upon the keywords chosen and keyword selection is probably more
important than high rankings with any old keywords. Any fool can get high
rankings by choosing easy to target phrases, which in turn may be the right
choice for any particular client depending on their objectives and budget.

It all boils down to qualified traffic and how you achieve it.  Explain this
to your clients and see if that helps sell your services.

Martyn Fewtrell

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