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Hi.  I've talked with some SEOs that promise backlinks from pages with PR of
5 or better, so many for so much money (the last I recall was 30 for
$1,000).  It's not clear to me how else to get quality backlinks than by
purchasing them.  Does anyone know?  I've tried emailing folks and just
asking for a link, but I have had exactly one out of neary one hundred
respond favorably, and I just don't have the time to research good pages and
solicite them for back links.  Is buying backlinks from non-linkfarms the
way to go?

Thanks in advance,


Re: How do you all get backlinks

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This is quite a poor return for your time. Take a good look at your link
begging strategy, and ask yourself if you are doing something wrong.

First, are you linking to your target website before you send an email? Some
will think it rude if you don't, and you can always take it down after a week
or two if you get no response. Second, do you choose websites for their
relevance and make it clear that you've studied the site in question? Spamming
random sites with emails from a template is no good. Thirdly, do you make
reciprocal links in a way that will not pass PR? That could put a few
webmasters off.

If you're on top of all of the above, your content may be too controversial,
too commercial or too thin for people to want to link to you.

Having said all that, I don't solicit links very often any more. Buying
backlinks may help you, but again you have to research the pages you buy links
from to make sure you get good value for money, checking that they have enough
of the right kind of visitors as well as PR.

Alice Woolley /
Inside the Bubble - autism information

Re: How do you all get backlinks /

The above article doesn't explain how to get the links but it will
point you in the write direction.  Target the correct web sites and
explain the benefits and the links will follow!

You will need to check it today as the articles change each day.

Martyn Fewtrell

Re: How do you all get backlinks (Foxglove54321) wrote in message

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Hi Folks - can anyone explain what that actually means - I have never
heard of this - many thanks  -Mark

Re: How do you all get backlinks

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Could mean putting the reciprocal link on a page that is not indexed or has
a 0/10 page rank... or using javascript or flash (or similar) to handle the
link back to their page

Re: How do you all get backlinks

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Ahh ! yes of course - thanks ! Mark

Re: How do you all get backlinks

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Some sites use URL's that process a script to point to your site.  Instead
of it could be .  Used for tracking
clicks and /or dependant on the program used to manage the directory or

Well this is what I reckon it could be!!!  Any backers?

Re: How do you all get backlinks

Try the zeus internet marketing program, if find baclinks for you.


Re: How do you all get backlinks

You look at other sites backlinks either through the google toolbar or
by link:url address of site and use their googd backlinks that have high

Re: How do you all get backlinks

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A few thoughts here...

- Presumably you are looking for places that are similar to yours?  Or where
your link would be relevant?  Most people don't want to just link to you for
no good reason and want links that are relevant to their content (IE: I have
a job website... I link to recruiters, resume services, job boards, etc...
but I'm not going to link to somebody's pet page or a site about DVD

- Are you just asking for a link?  Most places (if not all) are going to
want something in exchange for a link... it takes time/effort for them to
download their site, add your link/banner and then upload it again.

- Look for places where you can put your link.  I take part in a few forums
websites that let me put my urls in my signature file... these might just be
PR2 or 3 pages, but if I go to alltheweb or lycos and check links to me I
see a few hundred of these pointing to my sites.   I dont' post to
guestbooks, but they are out there as an option too.

- Look for places that offer to exchange links.  You could probably just do
this as a Google search for terms like "Want to exchange links?" or "trade
links?" etc...

- Look for places that could use an exchange of links.  There are going to
be newer sites that are in tough keyword markets and that could use a link
exchange.  Yes, well established sites will have a higher PR, but until you
get a few links there isn't much point in being picky

- Don't just look for high PR sites and dismiss everybody else.  Yes, a PR7
or 8 page will have more benefit for you.  But who knows?  Everybody has to
start somewhere and a site that is PR2 or 3 now might be a 7 or 8 in the

- Can't find links?  Try making your own.  The easiest thing is to use free
services like Geocities where you can pretty much sign up for 10-15 accounts
and put up some personal pages for yourself, your pets, members of your
family, family tree, your hobbies and interests, etc.  These don't have to
be much, but just link each to eachother and then link them all back to your

If you want to put time into this, you could come up with sites that people
will want to link to... a couple of examples:
I have a few pages about the solar system.  Mostly just stuff I grabbed from
enyclopedias and Uncle John's Bathroom Readers and put up on sites with a
couple of pictures... other people have linked to them and these are PR5 to
6 now.

I also did up some job sites... resume writing tips, job interview hints,
job boards (regional and national), link of recruiting agencies, etc.  ALOT
of people link to these pages, including universities and government
agencies... all of these sites have atleast a few PR8 pages, the rest are
mostly 7s with a couple of 6s here or there.

Don't want to use freebie sites like Geocities?  Look at doing your own
hosting at home.  Not to get into too much detail, but for a few bucks extra
a month (up here in Vancouver, BC home DSL is $40/mo and with static IPs its
$80/mo) you could set up a server at home on a spare/cheap computer... the
advantage of this is that for the extra cost of the static IP(s) and domain
names, you can host as many sites as you want and set them all up to link to
eachother and your sites

Re: How do you all get backlinks

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I haven't used it, but this might help...

I know.  It's an affiliate link.  If you'd
rather I didn't get credit for the referral
use this...


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