How do i get hits on a small website?

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I am thinking of creating a one page web site in which I ask for
charitable contributions to a personal cause. I am not sure to what
demographic, if any, this page will appeal. How can I get people to
view the site? I don't think that anyone will link to the site so
Google won't help me. I am confused!

Re: How do i get hits on a small website?

On Thu, 17 Nov 2005 10:32:46 +0100,  

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Create yourself a website that has some relevance to this one page you're  
thinking off. Make it interesting enough for people to want to read it or  
to link to it or both. Then link from that site to this one page site  
yourself. Bingo, through that link it has become part of the www.

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Re: How do i get hits on a small website?

On 17 Nov 2005 01:32:46 -0800, ""

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You may be able to get some links to it  ... but you could also read
up on site promotion techniques, other than ranking in a search
engine, on how to promote the site URL (online and offline)

If you do encounter difficulties in getting links to the one-page
site, then you could consider ways to somehow expand it to more than
one-page in size. Share side information about the charity, why you
choose to help that charity, etc.


Re: How do i get hits on a small website?

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You are asking for a solution to a problem you need never have made
for yourself. Why make the site one page only? In other for a site
to generate links it must contain content -- write 12 pages, even if
each is short, and in them explain the history of the charity, whom
it helps, how you became aware of it, why you like it, some success
stories about what it has accomplished, and so forth, Interlink
those pages on relevant keywords. Then ask those who also contribute
to the charity to host a link at their personal home pages or in
their blogs.

Without content, there is no reason for a search engine to index
your charity site. Search engines only index content, not good


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