how can I add a harmless affiliate marketing link?

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My one attempt to add an affilate link to my site resulted in total
disaster as google droped that page way down.   I herd that if I add
the link via a 'myjavascript.txt' file, that is removing the link to
an external file google will not pick up on this and penalizes.  Is
there any truth to this or is there a better way to create an affilate
link with out droping in the SERPS?


Re: how can I add a harmless affiliate marketing link?

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I agree that Google hates affiliate sites. It seems that some others don't
agree with me on that one, though. Please don't take my observation as
gospel, as it seems there is no real consensus on that one.

I've always used the rel="nofollow" tag with CJ aff links, and it has never
worked for me. I think that one's out, but that's just my personal
experience based opinion.

It was suggested to me that using the CJ JavaScript code instead of HTML
might be a solution. That one I don't know about, but my guess is that if
Google are onto nofollow, then they're onto that one as well.

Here's my nutty solution, which I'm going to try with my next CJ site
effort. My regular aff links are made instead to (nofollow) point to a local
file that immediately redirects to the CJ link. I then try to hide the local
redirection file with a robots.txt entry.

It's a lot of work, and probably won't do anything to help. There has to be
a solution to the affiliate link situation, however. It's just too
heartbreaking going to all that effort building a CJ site, and watching
Google flush the whole thing for you.

Please, if anyone has any experience in this area, or has any suggestions
whatever to make, then I would very much appreciate hearing about it. This
is a very interesting SEO problem for me.


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