holding pages yes or no?

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right ive decided to blend my 'mad skills' as a web designer (yeah right)
and my GF's histore in jewellery retail to do an online shop selling silver.

While its being done what are peoples opinions of 'holding pages' ive shoved
one up at www.silver-jewellery-2u.co.uk (provisional domain name)

are they worth the time?


Re: holding pages yes or no?

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well with that name one can presume that the bulk of your visitors are going
to come from search engines or links (it would be a horrible name to plug on
tv, radio, print media, etc) so having a place holder is a good idea for
now, so that you can start getting your site out there now (in search
engines, link exchanges, etc)

Fo rthe "would you like to be notified" you should probably instead handle
that as a form, processed server side, that records the persons email
address in a database (and thats about all you would need) so that you could
just generate a script to run and email everybody who sent in an email

Re: holding pages yes or no?

mark | r wrote in

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I would have - and always have - said "yes" but there have been a few recent
experiences reported here where it's taken a considerable time to get the
old, holding stuff replaced in the indexes once the full site's up so I'm
revising my position to a "not sure".

I bet that really helped didn't it?

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: holding pages yes or no?

mark | r wrote:
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I would wait till I had the site reasonably complete before letting the
search engines at it.  Load a robots.txt file set to put a temporary
disallow while you are testing and optimising.

I've built up structures on-line recently and Google is so fast that it can
access the first page before you have had time to write and upload the
supporting pages, by which time you have been recorded as having broken
links etc and you will have to wait at least a week or maybe a month or more
for the next indexing.

Best regards, Eric.

Re: holding pages yes or no?

Eric Johnston wrote:

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I agree. Whilst you know it's under construction, google doesn't. I fell
into this trap with a site that I uploaded that must have looked very
spammy to google and am now struggling to get anywhere with it.

Next time I would be tempted to put up a more complete site.

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