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I'm sure some of  you have already seen this article, but I thought I'd post
it, just in case you havn't.


Re: Hilltop Algorithm

so what is an 'expert document' as this seems to be the only new factor in


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Re: Hilltop Algorithm

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It seems to be something like a directory listing, DMOZ page, Google
directory page, business directory etc.

I'd like to get hold of a list of them!

Re: Hilltop Algorithm

mark | r:
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'"expert" sources - pages that have been created with the specific purpose
of directing people towards resources.
We define an expert page as a page that is about a certain topic and has
links to many non-affiliated pages on that topic. Two pages are
non-affiliated conceptually if they are authored by authors from
non-affiliated organizations.
We believe a page is an authority on the query topic if and only if some
of the best experts on the query topic point to it. [...] By combining
relevant out-links from many experts on the query topic we can find the
pages that are most highly regarded by the community of pages related to
the query topic. This is the basis of the high relevance that our
algorithm delivers.
[...] With further connectivity analysis on the selected links we identify
a subset of their targets as the top-ranked pages on the query topic. The
targets we identify are those that are linked to by at least two
non-affiliated expert pages on the topic. The targets are ranked by a
ranking score which is computed by combining the scores of the experts
pointing to the target.'
http://www.cs.toronto.edu/%7Egeorgem/hilltop /

The obvious SEO approach is to create pages that are seen as expert page
by this algo and use the credits for your own benefit.

Another approach is to create content that is valued by experts, so you
will get links to your site on non-affiliated expert pages.

René Pijlman

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the 'money words' filter is a myth!

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From the article...........

Popular Myths:

Over-optimization is now being penalized:

Over-optimization (spam) has always been either discounted or penalized. The
current impact of rank loss is seen due to shift of weight from on-page to
off-page factors. Good site optimization will continue to support rankings
to the extent of its weight in the algo.

Link building is no longer important:

Link-popularity building is as important as before, perhaps even more
important now. The PR algo continues to gain importance.

Google is using a 'money words' filter list:

As you can see from above arguments, Google is not using any filter list to
penalize commercial sites. The results just 'seem' to be indicating such
symptoms. Nor has Google implemented this algo for the sake of pushing their
AdWords or building their bottom-line for the forthcoming IPO

Listing in DMOZ, Google directory, commercial directories gives Google the
clue that your site is commercial and therefore penalizes it:

On the contrary, since most of these directories 'qualify' to be the 'expert
documents', links from these sites are of great value.

Re: Hilltop Algorithm

Mike wrote:
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Just read the article and interesting but don't find it to be what has
been happening at all and if anything quite the oppossite has been
happening since 11/16. If I went by that article all my sites would be
in oblivion right now along with everybody else and instead I have 6
sites on page one of my serp with no competition and only information
sites where commercial sites used to exist.

There's also something that doesn't make sense about the hilltop concept
and 11/16. People effected badly by 11/16 do have their sites listed in
their serps but very low down. But hilltop suggests that their sites
wouldn't even be listed on the last page of their serp. So I doubt very
much that google is using any form of the hilltop algo.

I don't think the hilltop algo fits into google's vision which is
basically small sites exchanging links with small sites. The hilltop
algo rewards for getting sites linked from large directories rather than
small sites. While google has had big problems with their vision of what
a search engine should be and do due to over growth as a rapid rate I
can't see them switching to hilltop. If they did that then they might as
well pay dmoz to do it for them and we all now what type of sites would
be listed at google if that happened.

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