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Our client below has this website we have just completed.

any tips on how to get a good ranking or what to change in the tags etc as
we do not have the time to keep playing around with it. they wanted only one
html page. rest flash so ignore that page.



Re: high ranking

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I'd recommend changing the image at the top which contains "As one of the
UK's leading welding inspections services ...etc"
to normal text and surrounding it with the <H1> tags.

The title of the page is good, but your meta description looks like the Meta
Keywords.  I'd recommend shortening it to something like "UK Welding
Inspection Services"

It doesn't look like you've got much competition for the search term "UK
Welding Inspection Services"  (about 67,200 pages returned ) so you may be
lucky and get into the 1st page with a few good backlinks even though the
rest of the site is Flash

Good luck!!

Re: high ranking

Luis Figo wrote:
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I have put a link to help your client for "UK welding inspection services".
Check the raw logs and try the link from your end, to test it.   I hope they
can actually deliver a decent service at a fair price.   I would like to see
some pictures of their work.  e.g.  Xray photos illustrating defects.
Where are they located ?

All I can see is the home page and this brings up an alert on WinXP-SP2.   I
would completely remove all javascript, now that people are using WinXP-SP2,
unless the javascript is really essential to the functioning of the page.

"General Enquiries" needs the word "email" adding and the "Continue" link
would be better underlined, so people know it is a link

Regarding keywords; spamming of this field may be detrimental.   Google is
said to ignore the meaning of these words, and this may well be the case,
but I believe that Google does measure the total length of the keyword text
and use this to dilute the visible page thus progressively penalising pages
that incorporate this spamming idea.  A safe process is to use only the few
really significant keywords and to take these strictly from the visible body

Best regards, Eric.

Re: high ranking

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Not much to do about it now.

If you want good rankings you need to design the site around the search
terms you are targeting, not treat the SE's as an afterthought.

Why Flash?  I see little on the site that could not have been done with
HTML.  It would load faster, spider easier and rank better.

IMHO they will need to be promoting thier site with money.  I don't see much
hope for organic rankings...


Re: high ranking

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This looks like one for  you Dave ;o)

Re: high ranking

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Thanks I like a challenge :-))

The problem we have here is all the content is hidden from the search
engines because it's within Flash. Now Google indexes Flash, but to
date I've never seen the Flash part of a site in the top 100 for a
search I've made, so for SEO Flash is a dead end!

So Google is going to see one not so well optimised HTML home page and
one terrible HTML page with Flash as the only content!

There are solutions though.

The home page can be optimised like any other page, so follow the
general advice given to others here. Though will add these-

<meta name="author" content="Insight Design Solutions">
<meta name="revisit-after" content="4 days">
<meta name="Robots" content="ALL">
<meta name="expires" content="never">
<meta name="autosize" content="off" />
<meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no" />
<meta name="copyright" content="Uk Inspection Services">
<meta name="identifier"
content="http://www.ukinspectionservices.co.uk ">
<meta name="robots" content="index, follow">
<meta name="country" content="United Kingdom">
<meta name="language" content="English">
<meta name="document-classification" content="business">
<meta name="rating" content="General">
<meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="true">

Are a waste of time, won't help at all. so delete them.

Your title is too long reduce to main phrase, two at most-
<title>UK Welding Inspection Services</title>

your description isn't a description. It doesn't help with SERPs so
think of visitors-
<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Our services include developing
welding procedures, mechanical testing, defect investigation and more.
Our welding technicians can provide you with technical advice over the
phone to managing a long term project.">

Keywords meta tag is of little value, so limit to main serp-
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="UK Welding Inspection Services">

BTW you spelt technicians wrong in your body content (you have a T
where the C should be).

This link to the Flash content-

<a href="#"><font color="#003366"

Won't go to http://www.ukinspectionservices.co.uk/inspection.htm when
a spider follows it, the only valid link is to the designers home
page! So for the flash page and any changes to help that page you'll
need to add a standard link to them.

To the solution.

Google etc... sees no real content when they view

What you need to do is either create a second HTML based site or mimic
the Flash based content on the above page and new pages.

I would add some real content at the bottom of
http://www.ukinspectionservices.co.uk/inspection.htm with a link to
further HTML based pages that can be expanded to over time. This will
allow visitors to stay with the Flash or go to the HTML based pages
and give spiders something to spider.

If you do this you'll still have the Flash site, but another site
along side for visitors and spiders.

Make sure every page links to the home page and any important pages.

If this is a new site be prepared to wait 6 months for good SERPs in

http://www.search-engine-optimization-services.co.uk /

Re: high ranking

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Hey! not bad,
4KB without mentioning the Alt attributes once ;oP

Re: high ranking

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You had me in tears from laughter after reading that :-)

http://www.search-engine-optimization-services.co.uk /

Re: high ranking

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 16:06:08 GMT, SEO Dave

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Given the current algo things will stay that way, partly the thrust of
my argument with the htmlers.

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SEO you could cuddle. Probably..

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