Hide element of page from search?

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I know you can use robots.txt / meta tags to hide or allow search
engines to spider your entire page/site/directory.

Can you just hide certain elements from search engines?
Ex... I want my index server companion to ignore everything but one
content div when it spiders my site.

Is this possible?

Re: Hide element of page from search?

CDZ schreef:
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Or... you could load it through an iframe in that specific div.

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Re: Hide element of page from search?

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That's the theory but you can't rely on it. If it gets spidered and
indexed by one engine it may well get spidered or reproduced and then
spidered by all the others and end up in their indexes anyway
irrespective of whether you deny them entrance initially using meta
tags or robots.txt. If it's on the web, it's live, and that's it.
Unless you cloak, which is really not for the uninitiated. If you need
to ask, then you aren't ready to know.



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