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I've to use a <div> tag to hide initially information to user.

Classic collapsed box like this:

|^^^ Title ^^^^ [o]                             |^^^Title^^^^[O]
|                           |        -------->       |_____________|
|       contents        |

I want to know:
does Google or others search engines consider it hidden text or not?

If yes, can't  we use treeview control for example :-)?

Matteo Migliore.

MSN - dynamichardware@email.it
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Re: Hidden text

Uh. Excuse me. I think this thread is over two years old.

Maybe someone doesnt get on the PC much any more? Just getting back to
the group? Only doing a little SEO in your spare time?

I mean jeez, some things may have changed some in two years.

I was kinda hoping the info in this group would be a little more
cutting edge.



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