Hi guys :)

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Bill - guitar site is going well.. work to do but :) Im going to buy my
first Tele as well .. real Telecaster 400 how good is that I swear they
use to be 600 (new ..standard obv)

Sold a Hofner Verythin the other day :) and a Cavern Bass ..a la Beatles


Anyway as I now know oscommerce im making my own shop..(drop ship)

I bought a old domain was a graphic designer and im going to make a art
shop to try and keep relevance to the old site.. in way,

anyway it's a PR3 and 5 years old hoping to get benifit from this.

Any tips? people

Take it easy, hope all is good
James Helliwell
Firespin Design

Re: Hi guys :)

On Fri, 10 Mar 2006 23:50:39 +0000 (UTC), James Helliwell

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Depends a lot where they make them, I think...used to anyway. If they
learn from the experience of other countries and get machines imported
and running to known specs but use cheaper local labour then from
anywhere will be ok, I just wouldn't want any of the first few while
they were setting things up.

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I got two SXs. One's fine the other needs work.

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Only good if you have a reliable dropshipper company.


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Re: Hi guys :)

Big Bill wrote:
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Yeh. Im ok I will try a few and see which one is set up the best / how i
like it :). And I am told it will be more like 370 for me how good is
that :) going to get a chrome red one.

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True with anything.. Trying to pick carefully. The one that doesnt need
a fee I will go with, bit odd some want a subscription to sell thier goods!

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