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Hi All

I need some .htaccess advice.  Can anyone help?

I need to take a site offline for a major upgrade, but want to be able
to surf to it myself to check progress etc.  So should I use
the .htaccess file to block everyone except my IP address?  Is this
the best way to do it, or is there an alternative?

To complicate things further I need to set the server/site to return a
503 status.  Can this be done in the .htaccess file?

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Re: Help with .htaccess

there is an echo in here

Re: Help with .htaccess

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You might want to think about not using a 503 and using a 302 instead,
and redirecting to a "maintenance" page.  That way, users will know what
is going on instead of getting a confusing 503 error message.

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Re: Help with .htaccess

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1) create a sub domain with a document root *next* to the current one
   (say htdocs-new next to htdocs)
2) install the site in the directory for the subdomain
3) test
4) mv htdocs htdocs-old
5) mv htdocs-new htdocs

(if you use a database and want to upgrade that as well it gets a bit more

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Re: Help with .htaccess

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thanks John, that is the main problem, it has database, email
connections and absolute paths in the links, plus a back end CMS style
interface.  I'll have a look though and see what I can do.

The main reason for the 503 is for Google and other search engine
bots, telling them that the site is under maintenance and to come back
later, instead of them indexing the "under construction" page and
dropping all the others.

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