HELP! Whats my keyword?

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(i think ive posted this before but its not showing in google groups
so i apologise if youve seen this in the last 24 hours already)

im working on a site for a friend who produces audio for websites
(music and voiceover) only im having a hard time tracking the phrase
that pays...

when i do a search for "website audio" lots of apps and tech
information comes up so i guess thats not right, i get similar results
for "website music" and lots of other phrases

anyone help me identify the target term?


Re: HELP! Whats my keyword?

mark r wrote:
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Hmmm. I guess that not only can you read your own post, but you can't
read my lengthy reply, either. So i shall copy it here ... and send a
copy to your email, too. Maybe you could use a regular newsreader
instead of google groups? Usenet is a lot more fun and easy to follow
with compatible technology.

Anyway, here you go. My reply from yesterday, all over again:


           Re: need help with keyword
         Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 16:48:14 -0700
 Organization: Herb Magic
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When a site is new, you should not try to pick one -- or even ten --
keywords. Pick at least ONE HUNDRED. use them ALL, lots of times adnd
lots of ways, in natural text, real ad copy, true "content." Then check
the logs -- you will see which key terms are rising to the top. Add more
instances of those keywords. Do not delete the other, less popular ones
-- just add a few ore instances of the ones that pull in the most

As mentioned in the thread about stemming -- be prepared to do your own
stemming and alternative spelling exercises -- google will not do them
for you., Write TEXT containing key words, keytrerms, keyword phrases,
and all variants of the keys to your subject. You have some new
technology terms to deal with and the "proper" or even "majority
concensus" agreement on how these words will be spelled by web surfers
is unknown as yet. It is up to you to make sure the relevant phrases
appear every possible way on the site:

audio production for websites
audio production for web-sites
audio production for web sites
audio production for your website
audio production for your web-site
audio production for your web site

voiceovers for websites
voiceovers for web-sites
voiceovers for web sites
voiceovers for your website
voiceovers for your web-site
voiceovers for your web site

voice-overs for websites
voice-overs for web-sites
voice-overs for web sites
voice-overs for your website
voice-overs for your web-site
voice-overs for your web site

And here are a few more terms i would add to the body copy:

professional audio web site services
professional studio quality audio for your web site
audio voice-overs for web sites

How does one write this stuff by the yard and keep it readable? Like so:

     Take your web site from blah to WOW with low-cost
     professional voice-over audio. Adding studio-quaity
     audio voiceovers, performed by traind professionals
     will make your website stand out from all others.

     Do you sell  -- or want to start selling -- music?
     XXX can create and upload short samples to help you sell!
     [link to audio-snippet services]

     At XXX, we can add audio to your web pages in the form
     of background music to give your guests a refeshing and
     soothing sense of being in "your space" on the web.
     [link to background music services]

     If your site is about YOU, XXX can supply a studio-quality
     audio introductory messages for your home page (read
     by yourself or by one of our professional audio voiceover
     [link to audio announcement services]

     Do you want to reach the widest possbile audience? XXX
     can easily and economically enhance your website's
     audio-accessibility for the visually impaired by creating
     optional "read aloud" services that bring your whole web
     site to fascinating audio life, featuring studio-quality
     voice actors -- for a surprisingly low cost!
     [link to audio accessibility services]

     No need to larn how to record and upload audio files yourself.
     No tinny-sounding midi-files to annoy your website gueasts.
     XXX presents turnkey solutions to all your web-audio needs
     and puts your website among the few and fascinating that
     engage ALL of your audience's senses.

     Our years of professional studio audio services can now be
     yours -- on the worldwide web!

     Remember, radio did not become popular because people had to
     READ it and television did not take the world by storm because
     it was TEXT BASED.

     Add audio to your web site now -- and get out ahead of the crowd.

     XXX professional web audio services --
          We'll make your web site SING!
Et cetera -- for at least a dozen more pages and as many paragraphs per

Good luck.

Oh, and if i had the money, i'd probably hire you myself.

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