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Hey guys - 3 quick questions.  I'd really appreciate some advice :)


I run an advertising campaign on google through adwords.  Everytime I went
to google and typed in my campaign keywords, I would appear first overall.
I am located in Canada, and now when I go to I do not appear at
all.  The only time I appear is when I go to  Why could that be?

I went to the new Google site that runs with suggestions.  But then went
back to ... ever since then I've noticed this problem ((However
the only reason I just noticed it now is because I never tested my adwords
campaign in 3-4 weeks before that so it's quite possible this could have
been going on for quite some time.))

If anyone could help me get back on I would be greatful as even
though I live in Canada, I hardly ever type but


How would I go about being listed under  Local results for garage doors near
Toronto, ON for example?


How would I go about getting listed for my keywords under google when I
click *pages listed in Canada*

I'm 1st for Toronto Garage Doors, however can't seem to be found when I
click the pages listed in Canada only :(  And my only business is in Toronto

Thanks for your time!
Merry Christmas :)

Re: Help Please: Google Issues

Heineken77 wrote:
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Check with Google - those are revenue dollars that they are not getting.
  I'm sure that they will help you solve this one.

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I don't know what you mean by being listed under local results.  What
are local results?  I'm guessing that you mean something different than
question #3.

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Your business might be in Toronto, but where's your site hosted?  Your
website may not be recognized as being in Canada despite your business
being there.

Re: Help Please: Google Issues

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you mean "google local" ?
you need to send an email with certain information, and then wait, and wait,
and wait... but they should add you eventually. the info is there somewhere
on exactly how to do this

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