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What do i have to do to improve page rank on google fro the

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"Robbie" wrote...
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1. tell us more; how old is your site, has it been altered much lately, etc.

2. All your links to should be to or to "/"

3. You need a 301 forward from to /

4. Get some incoming links - for example, submit your sites to a number of
quality directories.

5. But, most of all, you need to get some *content* - search engines can
only send people to you based on what they find - if you enjoy Dubrovnik,
then your priority is say much more than a couple of paragraphs per page.

These are all basic points, but fixing them is an essential first step ...
tehn come back for phase 2!

Good Luck!

Andrew Heenan
Editor /
Directory of Quality Directories
"I Don't Know A Lot - But I Know Spam When I See It"

Re: Help please

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Especially now since you just added another link without the www.


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Re: Help please

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006 17:06:39 +0100, "Stacey"

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And there was me thinking he'd got something right for once!

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Re: Help please

Congratulations Robbie on having a real visitor friendly web site, I found
my visit to both captivating and informative. Keep
up the good work. Not too flashy, a little weak in some areas but you are
off to a good start.

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I would add that you should consider creating a Google SiteMap :

It may not appear this way, but some of the pages are having difficulty
being recognized by Google as being part of an overall project. They need to
be "glued" together as one unit. Perhaps it is the ../index.html issue that
Andrew raised. But get a Google SiteMap going, if you haven't already, and
keep it updated as you make new pages or insert new photos. Google SiteMap
also offers some other important tools of which I find indespensable.

Continuously think : what can I do to make new content, fresh content, new

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I would add to Andrew's suggestion, that new content could be in the form of
new pages, all interlinking to each other

Aside from that :

Focus things.

Focus your <meta> keywords tags a bit more, they are practically useless for
Google but other SEs consider them when exmining a web site. These tags seem
to have too broad of a spectrum of suggestions. Your <title> and <meta>
description could use a little more focusing as well. Establish an overall
web site theme based on five or six keyphrases. Try to gel all the pages
within this bigger picture. Whne you add new pages, keep them somewhat
related to the overall theme.

You know how you have a link to "accomodations" within the Entrance Page's
content, do more of that. Get things linking together more confidently. Make
it look like all these things fit together as one bigger package.

Run your pages through a Validator. Things like <META
http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-2"> need to be
structured properly. I know you are only missing quotation marks to make it
valid, but in this case it can be critical. Either don't use this tag
altogether or use it properly.

Other validation errors should be looked at.

Now I am going to be a little bit picky here, but some of your code tags are
in uppercase and others in lowercase. Pick one or the other, personally I
prefer lowercase as it is technically more valid.

Don't be afraid to use the alt attributes of an image tag. I noticed that
you used a little bit of it but it is not sufficient. Describe the pictures
in three or four words with the alt attributes.

Now to be really, really, really picky : you know how your hover effect to
the email link closely resembles the background color, well change that to
be a different color than the background.

I have nothing more to add at this time.

Re: Help please

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You mean like this ?

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