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My site has around 50 pages. Google crawls the
site every other day and I have followed the rules as best I can but I
still don't rank for any of my keywords (chakra wands, chakra
pendants). I have built heaps of incoming links from google ranked
pages and directories and yet I still get a zero there from Google.
It's ranking well on Yahoo and MSN (number one for these keywords). The
only thing I can think is that I have more than 100 links on a page. Is
that enough to get me sidelined? Have submitted to DMOZ months ago but
no action there yet.

Could someone point me in the right direction please and where can you
get an accurate readings of incoming Google links? Everywhere I try it
comes up zero and its driving me insane.



Re: Help! No Google Action


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If it's newish it won't do anything for a while. It needs six months
to a year or so.

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Re: Help! No Google Action

Thank you both for the Feedback.

I guess I'll sit tight and let time do what is has to. 6 Months to a
year - ouch!

You are right about the left hand side column - that info is the same
on all pages from my template. Was wondering why the other pages
weren't cached.
Do I really have to change all that info on each page so as not to be
penalised for duplicates pages? Will do so if required. Hey, I'll jump
though a flaming hoop.



Big Bill wrote:
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Re: Help! No Google Action

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Site is to young for good SERPs. It was registered in March so it is
probably sandboxed yet (whatever it means).

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Number of backlinks reported is updated every few weeks. Before next update
you will not see any changes. Nobody knows when will be the next update,
although some (me included) believe it can happen any day now.

Search for just "" shows about 137 hits, so your
backlinks are already indexed, just report is not updated yet.

For some reason most of the pages from your site are listed without cached
version ( I wonder if it is not duplicate
content penalty - seems to me that at least on some pages what will be
seen as content is the identical left side. But I have tried only two
or three pages, so I can be wrong.

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