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i copied the adsencode to my blog after that when i trying to save it
it is showing internal erroe it is showing can any body help me

Re: help needed

On 14 Mar 2006 13:39:40 -0800, wrote:

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Three questions that may help in others helping you:
1. If using a blog service - does it, or the level of its service you
are using, allow people to use Adsense/affiliate coding on the sites?
Some freebie site spaces have restrictions - even about affiliate
programs/codes used.

3. Did you strictly limit yourself to cut and pasting the code (e.g.
didn't tinker with it after pasting it onto the page or template0? If
so, did you inadvertently have it encased/wrapped into another set of
tags or element on the page/template? (in other words, did you check
your HTML for any warnings or error messages after adding the code?)

3. URL?


Re: help needed

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<fj> I copied the AdSense code that Google gave me into my blog. After
saving saving it, it indicated an internal error. Can somebody please help
me? </fj>

Hello inampudikalyan and welcome

Can you please post the URL ( that's the web page's address ) and I'll be
happy to take a quick look and give you want you need.

"Don't ruin this on me now folks" F.J.

Re: help needed

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Hello inampudikalyan

Where are you inampudikalyan? I want to know about your blog. Show me where
is the blog.

I really want to help you fix the blog. We must' get "the adsencode" going.
You might lose something while waiting. Let's get it fixed, together, as
soon as possible. We can do it this together.

I have nothing more to add at this time.

Re: help needed wrote:
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alex i will have the single (links all on the sam page gb's finishes
with you by this time next week and then i will beingin to contact
owners of multi-page gb's and get them all disabled. what will life be
like for you after your auto-posters are useless?)

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