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I have an odd problem.
The people who ran my server, somehow put back online an old copy of my web
site from a year ago. This then got indexed by Google and as a consequence
is trashing the search results on my real web site because these 433 pages
from 7/1/04 are duplicates.
The old duplicate site in question is:

My actual site is:
It has been online for six years. It has a GPR ranking of 5 and Google has
indexed all 651 pages correctly

BTW: Don't try to bring the old duplicate site up on the Internet because
the same people who put the old duplicate site online have now removed that
server from the web. However if you go into the advanced part of the Google
engine and look for only those pages that are from URL with
the word "savvy" 433 pages will come up in the Google index and they are all

In early July I removed all those duplicate pages from the old site. Then I
realized that I can use the automatic removal system of Google to speed up
the removal from the index, but I wanted to make sure that removing this
site would not affect my actual domain 5 emails
over the period of three weeks to 2 different departments at Google have not
elicited a response from Google.

In the mean time the people who ran my web server have unplugged the server
because the company is going out of business as best as I can tell. I
fortunately moved my web site before this because I sensed something was
wrong - so my actual web site was never down for even a minute.

#1. Now that I have removed the old duplicate pages, how do I get them
removed from the Google index? The Google automatic removal system requires
that a removed page return a true 404 error message. Because the server has
been shut down, all Google will get with these pages is a timed out message
or a refused connection message *NOT* a 404. They are also cached (even
though showed a 0 cache). I would like to remove the cached
pages as well.

#2. Would removing pages from
affect my actual URL
since Google states in their automatic removal system blurb that when a site
is removed in this manner, Google will remove the URL from their index for
six months?

Rick Doble, Editor
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Re: HELP -- Need to remove pages/URL from Google

On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 10:42:22 +0200,  

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Waiting. Or at least I don't know of any better method.

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I doubt. These are completely different sites. But wait for other opinions.

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Re: HELP -- Need to remove pages/URL from Google

On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 04:42:22 -0400, ""

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You've done all you can, now you have to wait for Google to re spider
the pages that no longer exist and remove them. This can take months
and if a page that no longer exists has links to it, it may never be
completely removed from the index since Google will index pages that
don't exist, but have links to them!

Funny thing is you can even get SERPs for pages that have never

If the server was still up you could have 301 redirected the old pages
to the new, that would speed the process up a bit.

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Re: HELP -- Need to remove pages/URL from Google

Go here and create an
account.  Then login and click on Remove an outdated link.  Enter the link
in the URL to remove box, put a dot in the anything associated with this URL
and then click on Remove outdated link button.  If the page is no longer on
your server you will get a successful submission page and in about 7 days
you will get an email from Google telling you which pages it removed.  To
determine which pages you want removed, do a at Google
and review the results pages.

I have done this for about 4 domains I am responsible for and works quite

Brent Atkerson
Anrod Screen Cylinder Co.

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