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Ive been looking at the traffic for a site i made a while back. the owner is
very happy with it and gets compliments all the time about it. The problem i
see is that its just not ranking at all in search engines...

I had a flash splash screen that i thought was making the problem.. that has
since been removed, but no new traffic...
ive also added them into

here are there stats /
the site is
or the pointer,

any tips?

Re: help improving traffic

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that has

GET RID of that silly, useless, "JavaScript" menu in left side and put
normal  A HREF links there.

How you expect google etc. crawl and index your site if there's nothing
but JavaScript menu?

Google do not (yet) follow pure JavaScript links and that's all you have
there. Besides google, this also prevents people without JavaScript
enabled (depending stats up to 15%, 8% might be quite real number) to use
your site?

You might get "away" with google and other search engines by making
sitemap that would have regular links, and link that to main page...

Re: help improving traffic

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Ahh, look at that.. I'm sorry i thought I worked around that previously, but
it appears that I didn't. I will change that as soon as i get a chance.
Also shouldn't google pick it up based on whats on the front page? thats the
page that has all the key words and what not.


Re: help improving traffic


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previously, but

You should, it's main obstacle for google etc. to index whole site
instead just start page.

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thats the

Well, if you are only after getting 1st page indexed. That IS picked in
google already, but generally better have other pages too there you know.
More possibilities for people to land on your site. One page only reaches
so far with different keywords and stuff...

There are plenty of on page optimization you should do also actually, but
I don't have time to go in for details besides:

- use KEYWORDS in page TITLE tag.
- use keywords once in H1 etc. header (use headers, H1 once, H2 etc as
apropriate "subheadings" for headings etc.

I am sure some other will suggest more things...

Re: help improving traffic

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Sorry to keep bringing this back. Ive replaced all the javascript. or at
least the majority of it. I put the js source in a seperate file, and remade
the menu using images with title and alt tags.

Any other recommendations ?

Re: help improving traffic

try formatting your text logically making use of H! tags, bold and list
items, make sure any clickable text (and clickable image alt tags) contain
keywords for your site that relate to the target pages, then work on getting
links to your site/pages that use your keyphrases these links should come
from sites that have something to do with your sites topics, and if you can
avoid it dont go for reciprocal links


Re: help improving traffic

On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 14:12:26 +0200, "Wrm"

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and linking to it from the main page. Take a peek at my site map for


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