Help For Mac Users With Our Pages' PageRank?

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I just read this is the only way I can do this but I'm new, so if this
is rude please tell me! :o)

We'd like to compare two of our actress fansites--one that's doing
well with Google and one that's doing really poorly.

These sites have domain names but skip all that--these are the actual
pages separate from the domain names: (ranked way down
at 150 for "jayne brook" phrase search) (ranked in the
top 20 for "megan leitch" phrase search)

Thanks to anyone!
Jackie R. Brooks, Pizza Girl & Internet Novice

Re: Help For Mac Users With Our Pages' PageRank?

On 24 Sep 2004 06:19:09 -0700,
(Jackie Brooks) wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Same layout and content start off similar, once past the show/movie
title links, but after that it became like comparing apples to oranges
as you shared a bit more content on Megan Leitch's page than you did
on the one about Jayne Brook.

For example: asking for pictures of her, talking about it being
[currently] the only fan site for her, info/link about a yahoo group
about her, and then sharing a list - near the bottom - that shared a
repeating of Megan Leitch's name. Whereas Jayne Brook's fan page is
much shorter, pointing out the links 'above'  and basically about how
you will answer your email - but no mention of fan groups or a nifty
listing at the bottom like you did for the Megan Leitch page.

Also, one may be more prone to getting links to it than another even
though both are centered on actresses [but two different ones]. Like
trying to have a fan site about Seven Nations and Old Blind Dogs or
Midnight Court ... some fans of Seven Nations may be more inclined to
share a link to it than the Old Blind Dogs' or the Midnight Court
sites may get [or vice versa] so I couldn't really compare them even
they are musical group fan sites - but may be easier to get some
ideas, to help that one site, if I compared the Seven Nations one to
fellow/other fan sites about that group [finding out some places the
other sites got links from and such thoughts].

That's my initial thoughts though ...


Re: Help For Mac Users With Our Pages' PageRank?

Thanks Carol--I have a lot better of an understanding of the way
things work now.

By the way, I didn't even realize there was nothing on the Jayne Brook
page ... I can't remember which of us actually posted the text but
whoever it was wasn't thinking--could very well have been me!! I'm
going to make some changes.

Jackie R Brooks

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