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Hello. If the index page of a large PR9 website has 165 links (to its
other pages in its own domain), and then has 15 "advertising" text links
at the bottom:

1.) how much PR will (should) pass to those advertiser's links?

2.) (question #1 phrased a little better): If my website is a PR5 and I
put my site among those 15 advertisers' links, would that boost me to a

I realize there are a huge amount of varying factors, but would a
mathematically inclined SEO please venture a guess?

Thank you kindly.

Re: Help Calculate PR Please

As far as I understand it PR is divided amongst all pages linked to, I
cannot find anything that differentiates between onsite and offsite. A PR9
has a page score of or above 16,777,000 , even with 180 (165+15) links
that's still for each link an awarded page score of  93,200. For you to move
from a PR5 to PR6 you need to increase your page score from 4096 to more
than 32,700.

If the cost is affordable and the link is real, I think the answer is YES do


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Re: Help Calculate PR Please

"" wrote:

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Um..."hypothetically," what if one month has passed without any raising of
PR? (still PR5) What does that mean?

Re: Help Calculate PR Please

Carl Wan wrote:
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It means you need to find some good pr6 links or a lot of pr4-5 links.

Re: Help Calculate PR Please says...

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Sounds logical.

If PR is representative of how popular a page is, lots of inbound links
would suggest a popular page, resulting in a high PR.

You're also avoiding leaving all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

Side question: Is it true that a date next to a Google listing means the
site has been found by Freshbot but not deep indexed by Googlebot? I'm
waiting for my site to be indexed fully.

Daniel Ruscoe

Re: Help Calculate PR Please wrote:
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The truth is it's not either extreme. The best backlinks are having a
mix of pr4-pr6 backlinks. Having 10,000 external backlinks that are
pr0-pr3 is rediculous and time consuming. If you have have 1000
backlinks from pr4-pr6 you can't miss and it's the way to go.
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Gee whiz Dave I wonder where you could have gotten that idea from? Admit
it you know I'm right about filler pages and you're afraid of losing
your new sites. You practically admit it in what you just wrote above!
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ps-while it doesn't cost you anything having your links here at
newsgroup posts isn't going to help your sites any. Searchguild has low
pr and probably always will plus they put your link inside their own
code so what good is it?

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