Has the RSS/Blog vine become overloaded with redundant references?

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Has the RSS/Blog vine become overloaded with redundant references?

If you Slashdot it, Digg it or Blog it, eventually you find yourself
rereading the same subject matter in multiple places.
Has the time come for an AI driven Metablog, the one blog to rule them

I am suggesting that the duplication of stories is reducing the
filtering value of blogs and that tools need to be created to collect
RSS feeds into a
single customised feed for the user to scan. In the same way that sites
like Digg rate stories the Feed Filter (or is that Filter Feeder?) can
stories at the meta level by their accumulated scores over multiple
sources. It should also be able to find the link to the original
information and
present this link to the user so that they may click through directly.
Each RSS feed story could benefit from more meta data been associated
with it too.

Sorting out the economics of this in a fair and reasonable manner may
be tricky as a Metablog would bypass the individual blog layer and thus
their advertising income.

Are we anywhere near to having such functionality in feed readers? What
are my smart filtering options now and what do you see happening in the
as  blog redundancy accelerates out of control? What tools do we have
now and which are still to be created to assist in the knowledge
aspects of blogs? What are your preferred ways of archiving and
retrieving stories that were of value to you?

Re: Has the RSS/Blog vine become overloaded with redundant references?

__/ [dsmatthews@gmail.com] on Sunday 01 January 2006 16:26 \__

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Feeds get indexed, aggregated, propagated, re-used, manipulated and so forth.
Some blog posts in themselves are RSS feeds as to allow tracking by the

Vis-a-vis Slashdot,


  Of Internet Users, Only 4% Knowingly Use RSS (from a couple of hours ago)

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Like one operating system to rule them all? Like one corporation for assigned
names and numbers. Not a good idea if you look at history...

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I don't think that rankings and income are the main motives for running a
blog, let alone administer a site like Slashdot.

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* Subscribe to feeds which have proven to give stories whose pattern suit

* Flag items of interest

* Use filters to highlight items of interest, e.g. based on length, keywords,
authors. I do this with newsgroups.

* Use feed readers that retain the trail of older item rather than purging
the 'tail'.

* Use bookmarks, tags, categories. Consider social bookmarks like del.icio.us
(if you don't mind Yahoonism).

Best wishes,


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