Has my site been hijacked?

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I noticed today the index page for my site woodflagcases.com is no longer in
yahoo. Instead,
http://www.dino-online.de/leiste/?url=http%3A//woodflagcases.com is now
listed. It appears to be from some Dutch directory. How could this page rank
as my actual home page when it is a directory link?

You can find it shen searching for Flag Cases, it's at #16

If you search for Wood Flag Cases, you will see that woodflagcases.com is #2
and the Dutch rip-off is #11

Could this also be the reason I am now ranking in the 50's on Google when I
was once at #4. Is this Dutch directory a bad neighborhood?

Can it be fixed?


Re: Has my site been hijacked?

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Because they are using a [lame] method of linking to your site.

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It is a similar thought to "framing" a page to appear in a site - to
not have people "leave" the one site to see the other page of
interest. [Which that sentence includes a hint of how to "break" the
almost decade-old "framing" thoughts even though this is being done
through the cgi-script method of sharing a link]. Or you can try
writing to them and ask them to not link to your site using that
method - but if you are getting hits from that site, then if they drop
that link would you lose some of that traffic?

The PR exaggerated thoughts is probably the reasoning behind using
this method to share links as <tongue in cheek> gawd knows we want PR
and we want to get it from other sites sharing links our way but that
we no wanna share it with others 'cause then that is leaking </tongue
in cheek>]  - nor will the directory be listed as sharing a backlink
to your site either.

But - no, I don't think it is the reason why your page fell in
placement due to one cgi-script link that doesn't count in any way
toward your site. They are benefitting from your page's SEO touches

Although it is said this method of linking "comes and go" like a bad
fad - it is still relying on your site host to pull up the page in
that "framed" site so "breaking" the link may be the better option
since you won't forfeit any traffic since you weren't getting any
other "perks" from the site anyway.


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