Hardly any hits from MSN anymore

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Up until about a month ago I was getting a substantial amount of hits
from MSN.  Especially on http://www.internetsecurity101.net/free.html .
It seems since I added content on my site, including that page, I am
getting almost no hits from MSN.
http://www.internetsecurity101.net/free.html has fallen from #4 on the
first page for search results "speed my computer" to 7th page on the
search results.  Is there anything I can do to change this?  It was a
substantial number of hits that I was getting from MSN that I am not
getting anymore.  Mind you, I have more than made up for it in the
number of hits that I am getting from Yahoo.  My search engine traffic
is steadily increasing everyday.

Chris H

Internet Security 101 - http://www.internetsecurity101.net

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