Hard serps

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A quick point on gaining serps that I don't see much discussed here
lately - getting it or them with your own site is one thing, gaining
them under the restrictions often imposed on you by clients is
something else again. A client will often not wish to hear that their
cherished design is itself the principle cause of their lack of
progress with the engines and simply throwing bought links at it is
not an appropriate course of action because anyone with money can do
it. The presentation of the web via Google's serps then becomes in its
upper reaches for the more competitive phrases a display that reflects
the budgets behind the top ranking sites and not their popularity. As
things stand Google's reliance on links for determining site
popularity means that seo itself can really only be effective with
middle-ground serps, ones that are attractive to the typical SME that
has a good business presence and ethic but cannot compete with the
behemoths on a financial basis.
The hardest serps are the ones the client wants but won't adapt their
site towards, and these can't be assessed by numbers displayed in

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