Gwt: can Google read its own progeny?

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I've become a big fan of GWT--Google's recently open-sourced web
libraries and development environment.  Gwt is not well suited to most
web pages, but for complex web-applications it is hard to beat. You
code in Java and Gwt compiles it into html and javascript--intoi code
that works in
all browsers. Complex client/server communication can proceed
behind the scenes, without forcing the browser screen to refresh
Google maps works this way. Complex database driven websites have
never been snappier.
You can now make use of drag and drop on web pages.

However, if you do a  "View Source" on a gwt page all you see is a few
divs and a bunch of javascript.  Will Google be able to spider and
webpages that make use of Gwt?......which was donated to us all by
none other than Google itself?

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