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Greetings one and all is showing up in my logs

I'm not sure if what they're doing is:
o helpful/useful.
o DDOS attack.
o A virus.

Anyone have an opinion?
William Tasso

Re: Grubby business

intresting concept. no idea if its good or bad though

Re: Grubby business

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Subject: Grubby business

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Many folks have them denied for some time.

SetEnvIf User-Agent grub\.org)$ keep_out
SetEnvIf User-Agent grub\.org\>)$ keep_out

Re: Grubby business

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I had a few reads by the grub crawlers yesterday.  No problem. It is a
search engine which uses free time on home computers to do all the crawling
work. It is a bit like the way SETI@home uses home computers to run spectrum
analyser software on noise received from outer space to try and detect ET.
Here is an example of a grub read - I am pleased it finds my hot bath
holiday pictures of interest!.  I guess the reads come from all sorts of
home IP addresses. - - [12/Oct/2003:14:07:57 +0100] "GET /velobad3.htm HTTP/1.1"
200 16426 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; grub-client-1.5.3; Crawl your own
stuff with )" 81         ref

For reference if you see either the next two it is a server originated virus
and you need to contact the originating IP address to get the server

Code red virus, single line:  default.ida?XXXXXXX..etc

Nimbda virus, several lines together like:

Don't worry about pairs of lines like:  _vti_bin/owssvr.dll and
msoffice/cltreq.asp.  This is a browser request (from a genuine visitor) to
ask if the web site has a forum.

Best regards, Eric.

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