Beta is "wrecked" - Use old style

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Beta groups is reverse-time-warp slow on  WinME, Mozilla 1.7 with js on (and java
off). Sometimes pages never fully load after
repeat browser forward/back or Reload command

Strangely, beta is not TOO MUCH slower on similar computer using locked-down IE6 XP
SP2 (No js, ocx, IFRAME, etcetcetc. I
have yet to check using Moz on that computer).

both computers use proxo to filter out much web page detritus. So, if web detritus is
slowing one computer, the other would be
just as slowed.

Maybe help or a tip on beta groups page should inform users that
'old-style'/'unbroken' google-groups search is still available.
User can set google/search engine preferences to other English language google
domains (au uk ca...?).

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