Group input, from a newbie perspective

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I want to pass this by all of you, because I am on a very steep learning =
curve here and I want to know where I may be straying off into =
unneccessary work.  I need your guidance.  

This is what I have learned about SEO in the week I have been =
'listening' and learning on this group:

Non-code generated:
1.  Keyword, keyword, keyword, but not in the metatag.  I have read that =
meta tags are useless to the most important search engines.  It is the =
use of these keywords, in the word content of the website, that is =
important.  This is the first step that any beginner should take to =
optimize.  Choose a set of keywords that you would like to focus your =
SEO work on.  In my case, I am sure that the word cancer or cancers =
would need to be my #1 priority keyword, because I am assuming it is =
searched more on the web than any other word used on my site.

I was directed to use (free version) to search for =
different terms that are relevant to my website. I am not sure why.  =
From what I have read, WordTracker gives you a count on how many times =
that word has been entered on THEIR website.  I am not sure how this =
correlates to 'hits' on search engines.  I believe this is like =
comparing apples to oranges.  I would love it if someone could give me a =
tool that showed how many times the word retinoblastoma was searched =
this week on Google.

2.  Links FROM other quality websites that use the keywords that you =
want to focus on.  The higher their ranking, the better an impact it =
will have on your rankings.=20

3.  Stay away from blog sites and spamming sites, if at all possible.  =
It could be that your participation in these sites will cause you to be =

4.  Content, content, content. Put good quality content into your =
website that uses a variety wording, but still repeats your keywords =
often, without resembling 'spamming'.  No one here has said whether =
quality content helps or not, but I would think that it would get you =
'return hits', for sure.

Code generated:

1. Domain Name - choose one that reflects the primary terms that will be =
searched for your site's information.  This would 'weigh more' in the =
primary domain name, like  Also to a lesser degree the =
subdomain name, like; and in directories within =
the domain, like  or  =

2.  <title>blah, blah, blah</title>  Holds more weight than the words in =
the content of the page and the headers of the page and the ALT tags?  =
Less words, more weight per word.  Holds less weight than domain names.

3.  <hn>blah, blah, blah<.hn>   (n = 1-5)  Also, holds more weight =
than the words used in the content of the page, but less weight than the =
domain name and title.=20

4.  ALT tags, within IMG tags.  Use them whenever you can, emphasizing =
your chosen keywords.  I am not sure if their weight is like the weight =
of the <title> tag (each word equally 'shares' the weight).  I know they =
can be used to boost your ranking on certain keywords, but I am not sure =
where they should be listed on the 'food chain'.=20

Ok, that is it from here.  I have heard everything that you have said, =
but I am not sure if I am on the right path or not.  If you could =
respond to this, I would sure appreciate it.  If you would also respond =
to things that do not get counted as content to search engines (like JS =
menus) and any items that may actually HURT your ranking if you use them =
in your coding, that would be a bonus!

I am going to use your responses to build myself a 'plan'.  Thanks =
Take Care,  Sharon Lane

Re: Group input, from a newbie perspective

Ooops, need to add one thing to the non-coding section of my post.  It =
is about hyphenated domain names.  I have read the names that use an =
underscore are not separated out by Google, but hyphenated names are.  I =
can only verify the hyphenated part.  When you search on the term 'rare =
cancer',. I pop up first and have for a while now.   And, as you can =
see, my website name is hyphenated.
Take Care,  Sharon Lane

Re: Group input, from a newbie perspective

two quickies

blogs are not bad, just some of them have been abused...many of them
are really good

hyphenated domains kills your branding and ads very little relevance
to your search results

aaron wall

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