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Call me out of date, but I have just been discovering the "webmaster
tools" on googlebase or WETF it's called.

I recently didn't bother sticking a sig. block on various posts because
didn't thing it had much purpose anymore.  Well, I was more than
surprised to see just how many non-usenet sites scrape usenet posts for
data. These sites all seem to give valid non-usenet links back.

and... dare I say for fear of starting something, my "it's worth a shot"
  usenet posting name/alias/SPAM "Pete @"  actually
gave a valid link back from a "cycling forum" that had for some reason
scraped content from a D-I-Y forum. so even though my vulgar sig. block
had been removed, the link was still there! No tricking intuition!

So, sadly, I have re-instated my vulgar and hideous sig. block, which I
believe @ 4 lines with 4 links is on the polite side of sig. block abuse.


Oh, and the new server switch-over on the weekend went without a hitch.
Google last indexed the site on the old server on the 1st so all being
well it won't notice the switch and the 100GB / month bandwidth will
prevent things grinding to a halt now things are bouncing away in the
top spot for some very competitive words.
(More thanks to CoffeCup "Google site map creator" than anything else
I'd say)

Off to bed for me.
G'night all.

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Re: Groogle Schmoogle

On Tue, 06 Feb 2007 22:48:33 +0000, "Pete @"

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Jeez, Pet, you're, ah, what's the term? Oh yeah - out of date!

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Thanks to me for making you think a bit! Sniff!


Re: Groogle Schmoogle

Big Bill wrote:
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Indeed I am (Was)
How I never found it in the past I don't know.

I have a few more queries coming shortly re: single site or multiple sites.

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