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I was talking with an IT guy about his strategy for seo.  It sounds gray but
would like some feedback.
He has "content sites" that have unique content.  ( Fishing Tips, How to
catch more Black Bass, etc.) Each Site has 10-15 articles of unique content.
Each "content site" has different URLs.  The gray spot is each site points
to "one master site" and points to each of the unique content sites.
Feedback is appreciated.  I think its spamming but I am conservative...

Thanks for your insights


Re: gray seo technique

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How do you think he is "spamming"?

Spamming is misleading Googlebot with hidden text, redirection or a portal
with a load of crap on it so that it returns your page in search results
that do not match the content of your page

There is nothing wrong with what he is doing... Google suggests that you
should try to find relevent links to your site...

You'd have to be pretty slow in the head if you had a bunch of sites under
your control and you aren't linking them together to share

Re: gray seo technique

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His question should be the link strategy not if he is spamming.
creating artificial links are questionable

Re: gray seo technique

I don't think it's spam.

What I think about spam can be found in
Search Engine Spamming Sucks!


Re: gray seo technique

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There's nothing too artificial about his linking strategy.
He's took the trouble the create some REAL websites with REAL content and
for his trouble, he has linked those sites back to his business site.

seems ok to me.
But I'd make sure I had the different sites on different servers to make it
all undetectable to the spiders (to an extent) just in case


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