Google & Yahoo Algos Exposed!

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Forget about building backlinks because backlinks and link popularity
along with toolbar pagerank are dead as dinosaurs at Google and Yahoo
and they no longer count or mean a hill of beans to ranking anymore. You
can have thousands of high pagerank backlinks from other related sites
and still be listed no where for your search terms while a site with 0
backlinks and a PR of 0 can be listed as number 1 of page 1 for its
search terms these days. That's because the google and yahoo algos are
completely based now having hundreds to thousands of internal pages at
your site and that is all ranking is based on these days. If you don't
believe me then check the sites on page 1 of most serps and check their
PR and backlinks ( and then check and you will
see that most high ranked sites have hundreds to thousands of totally
useless internal pages they've created to rank well at google and yahoo
but most of these same sites will have very low PR and very low
backlinks. This is where search is at today on the internet! Enjoy!

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