Google - "Wierd" Problem

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Has anyone experienced this problem, and if so, how can I correct it?
My site is located at .

Here's the complete situation:
Google crawled and indexed my site during the final week of October.  Since
then I updated the site, the newest version of my site appeared on Google's
index results.  Then my site's information reverted back to the old
information it had on Google before my update.

I had since updated it again, and waited patiently for Google to crawl my
site and update it's search engine.  This finally happened lastnight, and my
page title, description and cached page Google stored were all updated.  I
thought that would be the end of my issues.

Now however, I went to Google to do a search, because I had once again
updated my page.  This time however, when typing in, once again,
the first page that Google ever indexed (Title heading, and cached snapshot
of my website with the old information) is yet again back on their index.
Here's the wierd part if that isn't wierd enough...

When this first happened, people said that it was normal for pages that were
just recently indexed.  Well that's fine.  But this time, I checked Google's
cached link of my site...and is the old snapshot of my site from
the end of October...however I have the date posted to the top right hand
corner of my website, and the date on the old snapshot google has in it's
index states Friday November 7th.

How the heck is that possible?  Here are some screen shots:
Current Site:
Google's cached image:
New Search...old information for all my pages:

Anyone have any ideas?

Re: Google - "Wierd" Problem

Toronto Garage Door Company wrote:
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Someone will doubtless offer a solution, I just wanted to illustrate another

You've used two hyphens and a space to separate your introduction from the
main content. Most newsreaders see that as the sig separator and, since
newsreaders should remove the sig in any reply, the message has disappeared.

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

Re: Google - "Wierd" Problem

On Fri, 07 Nov 2003 05:57:48 GMT, "Toronto Garage Door Company"

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Can I recommend for your own sanity (and ours) you chill out for a few
weeks while Google indexes your site and gives it a permanent listing.

Also answers to near enough everything you have asked about is easily
found via this newsgroups archives in Google Groups. It makes a lot
more sense to do a search on a problem before asking the group, since
you will then get most of your answers quickly and can focus questions
better when you don't find a complete answer via the archives.

I skim read the last few posts of yours because I'm getting bored of
reading about your site. If I'm bored I'm sure others who are equally
capable of answering your queries are getting bored also. This isn't
good for you since when you do ask an important question it's likely
to be ignored!!

Your site is new, it's got no PR, it has little or no links to it.
When a site is new, has no PR and little or no links to it, the SERPs
tend to fluctuate significantly until it gets links and PR and you
might have to wait months for your cache to update. My main site is
over a year old with a PR6 home page, gets 5000 unique visitors a day
and Googlebot loves it, yet the cache can take weeks to update and
sometimes you'll find a different cache for different searches or a
cache updates one day and reverts the next. This is all normal and
nothing to be concerned about.

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Re: Google - "Wierd" Problem

SEO Dave wrote:
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Multiple Product Pages -for SEODave

Dave, you said you had about 2000 pages on your site but are these duplicate
product pages e.g. multiple pages for the same product, or do you have 2000
products? I notice you have an "alternate design" link and wondered if that
had something to do with it. Just wondering!



Re: Multiple Product Pages -for SEODave

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Ooops, this was meant to go in as a new thread, sorry!


Re: Multiple Product Pages -for SEODave

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The basic site could get away with around 300 pages, mostly unique.
What I did was create two sites and combine them partially into one
(the menu system brings them together).

All the shop pages are created automatically by Shopfactory (via two
templates I've made). One makes the basic shop with only a handful of
single product pages (where a product has extra info not shown on the
main department pages). The other template creates a shop with no
descriptions on the department pages, but does create 1600 odd
individual product pages, 1 for each product. These are all linked to
by the alternate shop design, but most (~1500) are not linked to from
the main shop design.

Since a lot of the products are similar (there are only so many ways
to describe a pair of pants :-)) there is a lot of duplication in
those 1600 pages, though they all have at least a few difference since
they have a separate product code, a Shopfactory code and they link to
a different image.

Based on allinurl: searches etc... it appears all (or nearly all) of
these pages are indexed and included in Googles database. So though
there is duplication (some will be 95%+ similar) Googles not imposed
any penalties (at least none I can detect).

I'm working on a new Shopfactory template since the site looks crap
currently, and the new design has the main shop linking to all the
product pages via the product images for each product (on the
department pages) with the product name as the alt text to the image
link. This should give those product pages a lot more PR and relevance
through the ALT text, so I expect a positive move within a month after
uploading the new design (hoping to have it done within the week).

Also adding new products, so there should be well over 2000 products
with the next update.

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Re: Google - "Wierd" Problem

I'm guessing that your "date" issue is this:

You have a date created with Javascript and it no doubt just shows the
current date the page is accessed. Even though it is a cached page, the
javascript date code is running and grabbing your current browser date and

If you were to type the date directly in your page (<FONT COLOR="RED">Nov.
1, 2003</FONT>) for example, that would obviously show in any cached version
of your page.

Your dynamic date code is just being dynamic.


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Re: Google - "Wierd" Problem

David wrote:
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Thanks David :)

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