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I updated a (rarely updated) site last week, different title, changed
the <h1> text, some new text on the page. Regular Google SERP shows the
new information, Google Local SERP shows the old information.

Is this the effect of the different Google datacenters? Or does Google
Local have a set of datacenters all its own?

And speaking of Google local, what's the opinion of those here
regarding the technique of creating several gateway pages, one for each
of the local communities you want to attract? Will this be detected as
spam? For a USA example: -- Widgets in Foobar, XX 01230 -- Widgets in BigTown, XX 01231 -- Widgets in SmallTown, XX 01232 -- Widgets in NearTown, XX 01233

...with each of the "localized" pages just giving information about the
main Widget store in the city of Foobar, perhaps directions, and a link
to the main page or the same menu options as found on the main page.



Re: Google vs Google local

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Google Local in the UK is the Yell directory. No more, no less.

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It's arguably spammy in that you could just say foobar mad bad and
nationwide and that would cover it in terms of content. It would not
cover those searches though that were formatted like "foobar, mytown,
widgets" so you'd be perfectly correct and proper to alter just enough
content to differentiate between locations. It's still a bit spammy (I
think) but people do it and they have no problems I've seen. I'd do

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