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Re: NOTE TO SAM - Rather long

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Wow.......well said.....everyone could learn from this advise. Sam,
wise words were just spoken.


Re: NOTE TO SAM - Rather long wrote:
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Didn't see this post till now and I say let's forget the past and start
afresh again. By the way I have helped a number of people from this ng
privateley to get their sites up there in google. By the way do you also
use the handle seo-rankings too? I wish you guys would use handles that
are diff from each other, I keep getting you seo-rankings and seo-serps
mixed up the way my newsreader only shows part of the name.

Re: NOTE TO SAM - Rather long

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I'd love to hear more about that. Does she have the business bug already? I
realised recently that commerc / e-commerce is just like a big [computer]
game and instead of getting high scores, you get paid money when you do
well. So it makes sense that kids can do commerce too.

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You don't mean you've been doing SEO since 97 do you?
I seem to remember you talking in terms of months rather than years for your
SEO work.


Re: NOTE TO SAM - Rather long

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Hey Mark,

I started in May 1997 and began SEO work in July of 1997.  We
hit #1 in AllTheWeb (The big Engine at that time) in 30 days for our first
client and have not looked back since.  We have gotten a first page rank for
every client we have ever taken on (but it gets tougher each year).

I started back when hidden text and great META tags were all you needed.

I have been working full time for my own company for almost three years.  I
was IT manager for MOEN and an International PeopleSoft consultant prior to
that.  Had to do a day job.  Most clients have just learned what SEO is
within the past two-three years.  Business has been crazy this past year and
we have added staff to keep up.

My girls (Twin 13 year olds) wanted to do their own business like dad and
one of my clients had just fired their janitorial company.  I suggested that
they give my girls a try and they got the job hands down...and at the same
rate!!  They got their own business license, checking account and keep their
own books.  I went with them to each place but they handled it themselves.
They even have their own "personal banker" at BofA!

The kids ride horses in parades around Southern California and even competed
in the Hollywood Christmas Parade last year...they were pretty stoked.
If you have ever seen the Mattel Disney Bubble Extinguisher commercial a few
years back, those were my girls.  They also have done commercials for
SunTrust bank and Vons Supermarkets in Southern California (The Disney
commercial went worldwide)

We also have some friends in the music biz :-)

We believe in living a pretty full lifestyle :-)


James Taylor

Re: NOTE TO SAM - Rather long

James Taylor wrote:

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Excellent. I'm very happy for you and your girls.
I wish I'd have started my business at age 17. I've missed out on 7 years of
expansion.... but then I only thought of my business model at age 23 so
there'd have been nothing for me to do at age 17 apart from think of things
to do.

Re: NOTE TO SAM - Rather long

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It is good to start young!

If you look at the car in the upper left of my kids' website, that is an
Auburn Speedster replica.  My first business was a company that made them
from fiberglass in 1978 :-) .

We co-sponsored the Long Beach Grand Prix in 1979 (along with a ton of other
people) but we got Jacques Laffite, the Liger Formula One pilot to drive one
of our cars around the LB circuit prior to the race...a thrill to meet him.

We sold a car to Rod Stewart and Mike Goodwin of Superbowl of Motocross fame
that year as well under the NOVA Systems banner in Long Beach, CA.  Both
were really nice guys.

Since then I have owned a BMX racing company,(TW Racing, sponsoring Denny
Davidow and Pete Loncaravich, multi ABA National Champion) dabbled in Real
Estate and owned

I believe owning your own business is hte best way to make it in this crazy

There, now you have my whole life story :-)...except for the bands...a story
for another day.

James Taylor

Re: NOTE TO SAM - Rather long wrote:

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Yeah I've heard of those guys. I used to be into freestyle, emulating the
likes of joe rich & taj. Racing was always too athletic for me.

Nice stories though, congrats!

Re: NOTE TO SAM - Rather long

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James Taylor

Re: Google Update (BRANDY)

[portions euthanized]

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/Martin Hagstrøm

Re: Google Update (BRANDY)

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I wish to protest in the strongest possible terms against the language
employed in the previous message.

Some of my best friends are school janitors and only a few of them
have split personalities.

Yours sincerely,
Brigadier Martin Hagstrøm

Re: Google Update (BRANDY) wrote:
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SNOBS! You're not better than any janitor and as a matter of fact most
are superior to you mentally. You're an idiot with a computer. You're
like rainman buddy. Smart with a pc but a moron in every other way.

Re: Google Update (BRANDY)

On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 00:52:51 -0800, Martin Hagstr?m wrote:

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Unlike the majority of webmasters...

I have a dozen domains... one personality per domain...

Re: Google Update (BRANDY)

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Been lurking (great newsgroup), but I have to chip in here. There's
definitely something been going on, though I can't date it closer than the
past 5 days or so.

The site we constructed at has been in the top 5
globally for most phrases like 'adult education xxxxx' for the past few
months. For some, like 'adult education pottery' it's been top. It was also
top for 'adult education London' All those 'adult education' results have
gone down the pan, including the localised one 'Hammersmith adult
education' - (which is ridiculous, actually).

But now results we never used to get at all like 'education pottery', rank
the site globally (that one is second), 'education drawing' is front page -
and it sure ain't bad being second for 'education london' ... and the Google
click-throughs seem to be holding up. For, it's even more
impressive, of course. (In many ways this is an improvement, actually -
2-word phrase has to beat a 3-word one)

What's funny is that Google seems to be upset at the 'adult', even though
many other sites have 'adult education' in the title. Ours has more pages
than most, but this is a particularly crude bit of site assessment, in my
opinion, especially since we can hardly drop the 'adult'. Ah well...

Fin Fahey

Re: Google Update (BRANDY)

Mike wrote:

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My site appeared briefly at position 27 for my
keywords house signs, then sunk into oblivion again!

It's still the same position on www2 and 3 though.

Easy comy, easy go!

Rustic Stone House Signs

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