Google translates services for sites to new languages

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Google translates services for sites to new languages

By Peter Sayer, IDG News Service, 11/02/06

Google has translated the private-label e-mail, instant messaging,
telephony and calendaring services it offers Web site operators into 17
new languages.
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Other organizations can customize Google's Gmail, Google Talk, Google
Calendar and Google Page Creator services with their own logos and
color schemes, so as to offer Google's services under their own brand.
Although the services, collectively called Google Apps for Your Domain,
come in several languages, the administrators' control panel allowing
Web site operators to personalize them was previously available only in
U.S. English. On Tuesday, Google announced the translation of the
interface into 17 new languages: British English, Danish, Dutch,
Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian,
Portuguese, Russian, simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, traditional
Chinese and Turkish. The language displayed depends on the language
preference settings of the Web browser used.
With the private-label version of Gmail, businesses can throw away
their mail server, pointing the DNS (domain name system) entry for it
to Google's mail servers. Employees then have access to the search and
storage features of Google's mail system, but with an address at their
company's domain.
Like many other Google services, Google Apps for Your Domain is a beta
version. The service is free for now.
Google offers a separate version of the service for educational
institutions, under the name Google Apps for Education
At least five companies are using Google Apps for Your Domain, to
deliver mail for between five and 100 users in the United States, U.K.
and Guatemala, according to testimonies on Google's Web site. Three
educational institutions are also cited, in the United States and
India, with between 300 and 10,000 users.
The administrators' control panel includes functions such as adding and
deleting users, identifying when users last logged in and applying
changes to groups of users.

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