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I am a little amazed to observe the following:

For quite some time (years?) Google have returned stock information for
queries that involved a stock symbol from the New York Stock Exchange (try
"stocks:IBM"). I now notice that these results point directly to "Google
Financial Information", which by default gives Yahoo Finance, as well as
MSN MoneyCentral, which means they are kind to their competition. My guess
is that it's only a matter of time before Google begin to provide this
information directly rather than relying on third-parties.

Being the entry point to many surfers[1], does that warrant Google the
ability to become a main service for just about anything including unit
conversions and weather?


[1] Some think that the Internet is Google, and the blue "E" is how you
access the Internet. When I tell people (even professors) to launch their
browser, they have no clue what I'm on about ("operating system" likewise).
Some would say "I can't get the Internet" when a Web page does not get

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