Google Suggest wrong?

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online dating                8,190,000
online dating services   9,230,000

seemed a bit strange so i tried searching and found:

online dating                    19,200,000
online dating services       12,700,000

(Google Suggest: )

i know when you search on google it says 'of ABOUT x results' and i guess
their suggest tool is some kind of approximation as well. although they are
clearly both running of different data.

unfortunately the FAQ doesnt say a great deal of how it works, although it
does mention that it ' ...uses data about the overall popularity of various
searches to help rank...'

anyone any further than me understanding this? my head is beginning to hurt
a little.

Re: Google Suggest wrong?

I also found it hard to understand what the numbers on the Google
suggest tool actually represent. Here's my current guess:

The ordering of the suggestions is based on how often the search term
is used (as Google explain), BUT we don't see these numbers.

I *think* the numbers we do see are supposed to indicate the number of
web search results you get if you use that search term, but as you also
found, it doesn't match up very well with the numbers actually reported
by a Google search.

However, since the ordering of suggestions is clearly not done using
the displayed numbers, these numbers can't relate to search popularity.
Although they don't match the number of actual search results very
well, I can't think what else they are supposed to represent.
I would be interested to find out more though...


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