Google Spam Linkfarms

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Want to rank high at google? Simple go buy about 50+ domain names and
create about 20 or so internal pages at each domain, then pick a target
site out of those 50 domains and stick a link to it using your main
keywords for the anchor text at all the other 49 sites and their 20+
internal pages and before you know it google will rank your site on page
1 of your serp!

Need proof of this you say?

Well here it is!

The serp is 'phone sex' and the site is:
This site has a pagerank of 0 and no real hyper clickable backlinks
showing yet nor does it have similiar links showing yet but it does have
a bunch of contain the term links showing and showing the their other
50+ domains that link to that url. It's a fairly new site and is already
on page 2 of the phone sex serp. I'm so excited by it that I bought 150
new domains today and have set out to do the same thing! Thought though
I'd share the truth about SEO with you, the way it really is in reality
as oppossed to the fairytale way it's supposed to be in the google
guidelines and the way the so-called seo's talk about it here about all
the bans and penalities for doing stuff like the site above that is
being rewarded for link farming and spamming. Oh did I mention that
their primary start source of PR and backlinks is from spamming
guestbooks, blog comments ect if you follow all their contain the term
backlinks down? You can see their contain the term links here:

Yes I just love how that google goes by their guidelines!

Re: Google Spam Linkfarms


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What happened to again? Also it appears that CNN got #1

Re: Google Spam Linkfarms

Quoted text here. Click to load it

0 searches for phone sex last month according to Yahoo/Overture. Mind you
"dirty sex talk" had 1229.

Wish you the best with your discoveries. Keep us posted.


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