Google set a Page Limit size?

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Des anyone know if search engines, like Google for example, have a Size
Limit on the Pages they scan? I recently updated a page from I think 80K in
Size up to 141K in size, and Google Reindexed it on last Visit, but it shows
the New Cached Version at 100KB In Size Exactly. The Page in question is:

Cached Version is here:

Everything from one Cell Down on a table is gone, and the one button was cut
off and reads:
<form target="paypal" action="

How unlikely is it to stop at exactly 100KB on the Nose? Otherwise Im
thinking a Network Transmission error, but what would happen if there was a
connectivity issue dring the Scan?

Thanks for any insight.

Re: Google set a Page Limit size?

Never Mind - Yikes! There is a general rule of Thumb at 100K as per this

How would ya know?

Re: Google set a Page Limit size?


It's the first 100KB, so if there is something you want indexing on a
large page get it in the first 100KB.

That brings up an interesting question, although google only caches
100KB, does it follow links etc... after 101KB?

Not much use to me (I keep all pages below 100KB), but interesting all
the same.

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On Wed, 24 Dec 2003 03:25:44 GMT, "techforce"

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Re: Google set a Page Limit size?

Hi Dave:

               Yea - the page I spoke of is described at Google now as
101KB. As for the other 80KB - none of the text beyond the limit comes up at
all in the searches for them like it did on the last reindex before I
increased it. I would imagine no matter what it is  - Links or what not - it
does not get scanned. I went and broke it up into 2 Pages now and
interlinked them together, and reindexed them into my Site map so they can
come up now. Getting the Hang of this finally. Seems Last Google Visit to my
site was on 12/17 and this latest Reindex with the 100KB thing came into
effect on 12/23. So 5 Days was not too bad for a reindexing. Learned alot
here so far ! Steve

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Re: Google set a Page Limit size?

Ya know whats also interesting, is they are going by RAW data /overall page
size - not by actual real Words / Numbers or other actual data on the page.
So I guess if you have alot of HTML Tags like </bold> , </table> etc, it
bogs down the Scan the way they have their system configured. You'd think
that they only save the Actual keywords or other relevent data on the page
when the search is performed, rather than scanning the Cached Copy character
by character and skipping over the non relevent HTML.

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